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Quality Assurance Services: Software Testing & Development Processes

Software development models

In order to better understand the relationship between testing and programming processes and other kinds of project related activities we primarily need to consider the very basics – software development models as a part of software lifecycle. At that it is worth emphasizing that software production is just a part of software life-cycle but now we are talking only about software development.

This chapter contains information rather on the subject matter “project management” therefore on the page you will find only brief summary of the models. Consequently, it cannot be a comprehensive guide to the development life cycles, as here barely little information is available on the corresponding subject area.  Only certain specialists must have expert knowledge of IT industry in order to provide the best quality assurance services.

So, the choice of software development model has serious effect on testing process and determines which strategy, schedule, resources, etc. are the best for the project.

There are many Software Development Models, among which we should single out the traditional ones:  waterfall, V-model, iterative, incremental, spiral and agile.

It is very important to have understanding of software development lifecycle models and know the difference between them. It will help you to be aware of what is going around you, what are you doing and why you are doing it already on the first day of your work. Many beginner testers recognize that they often fall into a state of fatuity because the job is boring and offers no challenges. Even if they find the tasks interesting they do not feel relieved anyway.

Software development quality assurance is a big responsibility since it encompasses the whole production process. The deeper insight into the project evolution you have the more clearly you will realize your own contribution to the common goal and the value of the work done by you.

Attention! Common mistake! The only thing you will have to ever worry about is to avoid frivolous interpretation of the model and its alteration following own preferences without understanding what are you doing and why are you doing it.

Quality assurance team is always ready to help you with your project development process as well as consult on any project-related issue that is of interest to you.


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