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Quality Assurance Service: Requirements Elicitation Methods

Requirements collection usually starts on the customer’s side. Quality assurance service is provided to support software products and sqa life cycle. There are several main techniques for eliciting and gathering requirements from the customer.

Interview. The most popular requirements elicitation method that consists in communication between project specialist (as a rule, business analyst) and the customer representative (or an expert, the user, etc.). This may be a standard interview such as conversation in the manner: question-answer or pen-pal. The most important is that the main attention is paid to an interviewee and interviewer.

Interaction with focal group. This can take “the expanded interview form” where information is provided by a group of individuals, not by a one person (as a rule, they belong to the target audience, and/or have important project information, and / or authorized to make project decisions.

You will probably want someone else to prepare necessary documentation for your project as this work is not easy to do if you are not an experienced technical writer. What is the solution to this problem? Everything is easier that you might imagine!  Technical writing outsourcing is what you really need so that to get accurate & effective content for your hi-tech or software products.

Questionnaire survey. This requirements elicitation technique has been the subject of much controversy because when held in an improper way it may appear to be ineffective despite heavy spending. At the same time, questionnaire survey, when conducted appropriately, allows to automate gathering and handling many answers from the respondents. The key success factor is adequate questionnaire construction, selection of the right audience and appropriate questionnaire presentation.

Seminars and brainstorming. Seminars are held so that people can instantly exchange information between each other (and express different ideas). This technique can be combined with interview, prototyping and modeling also with the purpose of negotiating results and making conclusions.

Observation. Monitoring of some processes with/without participation of the project specialist.

Using service quality assurance you increase the chances of preparing good requirements document for your project and as a result it is more likely to be a successfully deployed.


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