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Quality Assurance Consulting Types of Software Tests

Quality Assurance Consulting: Types of Software Tests. Part 2 

There is a variety of testing types used in software development. Some of them are described below.


Crash Test is the process of testing an application urls / links. Crash test consists of clicking on the links & buttons with the purpose of determining if a software build has been successfully deployed. (A build is just a version of the app. A new version number is created with every build upgrade and is typically higher than the previous one (for instance, new features are added to the program).

Quality assurance consulting services are used to cover all aspects of the product life cycle management. Thanks to them you can increase your chances of marketing the highest quality software.

Smoke or Sanity

A Smoke Test is meant to verify the smallest unit of functionality. It executes more thorough test cases, makes Crash testing more extensive by going a bit ahead to check the basic functionality in the app. For instance, you might download documents, draw reports, etc. This testing usually lasts for 30-60 minutes, no longer. The process is carried out to evaluate the quality of the software without focus on its every aspect. It is a time-saving step, so to say a prelude of further exhaustive testing. Smoke tests are run to make sure that the system / product will not catastrophically fail and is stable enough to withstand the stress/load of major testing. It is also called a comprehensive GUI testing.

Software quality assurance testing services can be vary from one organization to another, but all of them are 100% aimed at ensuring quality of the products and winning devotion from the target audience.


Regression Test is run to make sure that changes to the build (defect fixes or modifications) have not had a negative impact on it. It is a thorough testing process that allows achieving predictable, secure and successful development projects. Using this verification method it is possible to get maximum coverage with minimum number of tests!  It covers all functionality available.


Load Test is a type of testing executed to examine the app’s behavior when it is subjected to a particular load. The load is gradually increased till the product reaches the threshold limit. By doing this, the specialists can identify defects that cause memory leaks, buffer overflows, inappropriate memory management.

Software testing as a service is an approach to software quality assurance testing. It is not only a framework but an original way to manage QA and testing processes. The work is sent to third parties that specialize in replicating the actual target production environments per customer requirements.


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