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Quality Assurance Consultants: Boundary Value Testing

In order to create a quality and safe software product which will be popular with its purchasers, you need to subject it to thorough verification. To be more concrete, it must undergo a certain testing regimen during the entire period of its development. There are many testing types that have own characteristics and each is used in a certain production phase.

All of us have heard of the main types of testing, such as functional testingperformance testingblack box testing, web application testing, game testingmobile testing, desktop testing and so on.

But there exist less popular testing techniques which are as important as the above-mentioned ones and also play a crucial role in software development life cycle. It is referred to boundary value testing and equivalence class testing. These two are closely related techniques.

But, despite the fact that quite a small number of people have got some idea of the processes, they are often carried out by testing specialists. This kind of verification is done by testers unconsciously since no special consideration is given to the procedure itself.

To get detailed information on each testing method and to get flexible quality assurance and testing solutions you just need to come in contact with award-winning quality assurance consultants.

Why use boundary value testing?

Boundary testing is conducted to test how the product behaves at the extreme limits of the input data, such as maximum and minimum. A test suite for stress testing may include boundary value tests.

Boundary value testing may also include tests that verify the behavior of the system on the input data outside the allowable range. At that, the system should handle such situations in an expected way, for example, through the exceptions or error messages.

Testing companies effectively run all types of testing including boundary value testing and equivalence class testing. However, checking extreme limits of equivalence classes always causes a lot of problems. Even highly experienced testers are well aware of this challenge. So why one should pay special attention to the limit values?

The thing is that limit values may belong to the two classes and, consequently, the test results can be different.  For example, it may lead to an introduction of bugs in the program’s code. A bug can cause the program to fail or freeze. To avoid costly problems and prevent software defects you should verify IT programs while these are being developed. Click here to see list software testing companies and find the service provider who will do his best to ensure a quality of your web, mobile or desktop application.


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