Selenium WebDriver in Java

Selenium WebDriver in Java

Online Course with Instructor

Duration: 60 hours (2.5 months)


This online instructor led course is designed to provide you with practical automation knowledge and experience to handle automated testing for web-based applications. If you are new to test automation, want to upgrade your skills or perhaps want to pursue a career in Automation Testing or move a level up from Manual to Automation Engineer this course is just for you.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a job in software quality assurance without basic programming skills. After completing this course, you will be comfortable entering the world of test automation of web applications. You will also be prepared for popular interview questions for automation positions.

Students will be given PowerPoint presentations for the topics covered in the class. All the programs used in the course will be available on the GitHub for references.

In this course, we will teach you less theory and provide you with more practical knowledge, techniques, best practices required for you to handle automation testing at your current job or at your new job after you pass your interview. If you are just a college graduate with an IT degree you will be more marketable with automation skills than your peers who will possess knowledge in functional testing only.

Learn from an automation expert with 20+ years of experience building proprietary automation framework for trading, banking, financial, healthcare, e-commerce, mobile applications.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Java?
  • Java lingo: JVM, JDK, JRE, CLASSPATH, JAR, etc.
  • Installing OpenJDK
  • Eclipse as an integration development environment (IDE)
  • Eclipse lingo: workspaces, workbench, perspectives, settings, etc.
  • Java data types: primitives and references
  • Classes, constructors, getters, and setters
  • Control flow statements: if/else, switch, loops
  • Inheritance
  • Exceptions: checked and unchecked exceptions
  • Java interfaces
  • Packages
  • Arrays
  • Working with strings
  • Data structures: List, Map, and Set
  • Working with files
  • Annotations
  • Maven as a build and dependency management tool
  • Junit5 as a functional testing framework: test classes, tests, test suites
  • Junit5 annotations
  • Junit5 assertions, Hamcrest
  • Adding WebDriver Java client libraries and browser drivers
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Web element locators including XPath and CSS
  • WebDriver and WebElement interfaces
  • Checking text and links
  • Working with edit boxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons
  • Automating alerts and mouse movement
  • Action synchronization: Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait, and Fluent Wait
  • RemoteWebDriver for running tests on a remote machine
  • Selenium Grid for running tests in parallel remotely
  • PageObject pattern for script maintainability
  • Jenkins as a CI server
  • Running Selenium scripts in Jenkins

About Instructor:

Dr. Vladimir Belorusets specializes in functional and REST API test automation. He is a Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Tester – Foundation Level, American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

Dr. Belorusets is the author of various articles published in Software Testing Magazine, Testing Experience, Agile Record, Software Test & Quality Assurance, Software Test & Performance, and Dr. Belorusets was a speaker at Atlassian Summits, HP Software Universe, Software Test Professionals, and STARWEST.

Vladimir has held development and QA management positions at Bluescape, SafeNet, Xerox, EMC, Siebel, CSAA, and various startups. Dr. Belorusets earned his PhD in Control Systems from Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences and his master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from Vilnius State University, Lithuania.

Vladimir has taught numerous courses on test automation in various San Francisco Bay Area computer schools for the last 20+ years. He is currently teaching the following popular classes: “Java for Testers”, “Selenium WebDriver in Java”, “REST API Test Automation”, and “Selenium WebDriver in Python”.

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