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Java Selenium Web Driver Practical Hands - On Training

Want to upgrade your skills or perhaps want to pursue a career in Automation Testing or move a level up from Manual to Automation Engineer this unique course is just for you.

Duration: 45 Lectures – 90 hours (3.5 months) + 60 hours Hands-on Intensive Training Program | 150 Total Hours | Online Course with Instructor

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Why Training from QA Mentor?

We bring the region’s ace QA & Testing services and training for students. We understand what is required to work in corporate industry. We have designed our unique course in such a way that you gain maximum information and gather thorough knowledge with practical experience. We engage our students to work on real projects and apply our framework.

We have expertise in grooming students and showing them the roadmap to the corporate world. Our mission is to equip every tester with the right knowledge, so he/she can better adjust in the industry.

500+ students trained by our faculty are currently employed with software companies around the world. You will gain the skills, confidence, and support to enact true change to impact your real-world challenges.

Benefits and Unique Offerings

  • Get trained by Selenium Automation experts in automation best practices.
  • Working closely side by side with Automaton Test Engineers on real live projects.
  • Certification from a Global Independent Software Testing Company.
  • Interact with real customers and clients on the conference calls.
  • Interactive hands-on learning with tons of examples, exercises, homework, quizzes and exams.
  • 45 professionally designed and interactive lectures by Senior Automation Architect which will assure you will gain the knowledge.
  • Opportunity given to top students to be selected for full time job at QA Mentor

What will Students Gain Out of this Unique Course?

  • By the end of the course you will be able to automate any web app using selenium web driver technology with Java
  • Learn to work on:
    • Live projects,
    • Design complex frameworks
    • Design interactive Reports.
  • Learn to work with utilities like:
    • MAVEN
    • GRID for parallel Execution
    • Saucelabs Integration
  • Detailed understanding of web automation framework which is utilized by QA Mentor and supports 50+ clients.
  • Understanding of Behavior Driven Development (BBD) using CUCUMBER and Gherkin language
  • Learn JAVA OOPS, techniques, library for automation scripts.
  • Understand all Selenium Locators – By Id, By Name, By Link Text, By Partial Link Text, By Class, CSS Selectors and XPath Expressions.
  • Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and XPath.
  • You will learn how to implement a Page Object Model for a Complex Automation Test Scenario.
  • You will learn how to work with Form Elements – Text, TextArea, CheckBox , Radio Button, Select Box and Multi Select Box.
  • You will be able to automate any real time application and design framework from scratch.
  • You will be able to pass any automation/Selenium interviews successfully and impress an interviewer.

Course Content:

Pre-Selenium Java for QA
  • Understanding JRE and JDK
  • Environment variables
  • Java Class and its properties – variables and methods
  • Primitive and non-primitive variables
  • Instance, static and local variables
  • Class constructors, methods and message passing
  • Packages and Access Modifiers
  • Encapsulation and setter-getters
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Method overloading and overriding polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • String class and its methods
  • Flow Control and loops
  • Arrays
  • Wrapper classes of primitive data types
  • Collections Framework
  • Exception Handling
  • Selenium introduction and Selenium WebDriver architecture
  • Identifying web-elements and verification with chropath plug in
  • By locator class and understanding xpath and css locators
  • Starting with simple WebDriver script
  • Learning implicit and explicit wait statements in WebDriver
  • Sub-Interfaces of WebDriver
  • Explicit wait and applying some newer methods for waiting strategy
  • Actions class for handling keyboard and mouse events
  • Cookie Class, JavascriptExecutor and TakesScreenshot interface
  • TargetLocator interface for switching to window, alert and iframe
  • Understanding desired capabilities for different browsers
  • Headless execution for Chrome, Firefox and HtmlUnitDriver
  • File upload and Robot Class
  • Different Exceptions in Selenium
Post Selenium
  • Cucumber BDD Introduction
  • Maven Build Tool
  • Framework and POM model
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Maven Parallel plugin and Selenium Grid
  • Sauce Labs and Browser Stack Integration
  • Interview Preparation & Mock-up Interviews
  • Final Exam
  • Hands-on project automation assignment

Student Testimonials:

Mr. Amit is a good instructor for Automation Testing. Having good quality like an interactive, problem solver, and having in-depth knowledge of Automation. I joined his Java Selenium automation course in the month of Mar without any prior knowledge of Automation Testing, after completion of the course I have a good roadmap.

Jayvant Devare

AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Pune (India)

It has been a great experience in learning Automation Testing. Mr. Dewan is very adjustable and sincere. His teaching method is to make you understand otherwise he will not move on, which is great because it keeps you engaged and instills the material in your brain. He keeps checking on how you are doing and double-checks if you understand. He has made Java really simple and easy to learn with proper definitions and has you apply what you have learned. Same with Selenium and you are confident enough to be a good Automation framework developer.

Karan Tandon

QA Engineer, Minneapolis (USA)

Amit is excellent in his way of teaching, makes you understand the concept, and guides you properly so that you inherit the knowledge. He keeps small batches which further leads to individual attention. He makes you revise your lectures by telling you what we did yesterday. He is very honest and transparent. Keep up the good work:). His training program is very organized so you know what all topics will be covered and how much time you need to spend on the course. I had gained a lot of knowledge about automation under his guidance and will refer him to everyone who wants to learn selenium. Highly recommended!

Deepak Chhabra

Software Test Lead, Chandigarh (India)

Great place to learn. I have joined this institute for automation training in selenium and Amit sir has real-time work experience and that’s the plus point. They show patience to clear all the doubts. One can attend the repeated classes and can take backup classes without any restrictions. totally, a good institute for learners and job seekers. I get a lot of practical experience which helped me in learning all the concepts thoroughly. Very nice teaching approach. You will find confidence in Automation if you are a pure manual tester. Lifetime course benefit is an added advantage. Should be the first choice to consider if you are willing to switch to Automation.

Aman Kumar Pandey

Software Test Engineer, Lucknow (India)

Amit sir is a very talented teacher and focus is given to each and every student of the class. I joined this course and I had no prior knowledge of Automation testing but after this training, I have the roadmap of how I can proceed. Moreover, this course has many more features like resume preparation, Interview questions, and project is involved. The most interesting part is the task that is provided at the end of each session that allows everyone to clear his concepts. If a person is willing to work hard and thinks of automation then this is the right spot.

Gaurav Kapoor

Software Test Engineer, Patiala (India)

For me it was excellent exposure to the automation testing technology, I was very impressed by the set curriculum and the teaching method, sessions are very well laid out and meet the right needs for candidates with less to no knowledge, which gives a great opportunity for anyone to learn it from bare-bones knowledge. It gave me huge learning and it was exceeding my expectation. So…..Yes, I would highly recommend and QACult as must-have learning to go for Selenium

Naveen Yadav

QA Analyst, Bangalore (India)

Thinking to learn Java and Automation, then this is the best place. Amit Dewan has vast experience in teaching Java and Selenium and I can also guarantee that he is the best person to make you learn Java basics along with Selenium and Automation. He is detail-oriented and there will stand no chance where he misses any in-depth information on his teaching modules. He prefers giving practical knowledge instead of making you cram things from notes and this is the best part of his teaching. So if you are looking forward to learning Java and Selenium, join this institute and begin a new learning experience.

Sunil Kumar Angrula

QA Module Lead, Hyderabad (India)

Thank You Amit Sir for your time and efforts as you explained each and every doubt of mine so well. Your way of teaching is very impressive and beyond the expected level. Highly recommended!!! I got many of my logic-based doubts clear which troubled me for a long time. He helped me understand the computer language from basic to Advance so as I now can use my skills to do the programming on my own. He helped me gain confidence in my learning and skills. Then I also learned selenium and other automation tools from Amit Sir and now I can say that I am confident in working in any automation-related projects and excel in any career path I choose in IT and automation.

Gitanjali Sharma

QA Lead, Southampton (UK)

Amit Sir is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate professional. His automation skills have been very helpful. He teaches really well and explains all logics and concepts in a way that a person never forgets. Unlike others, for Amit sir teaching isn’t a business but a passion and joy for him. You can see him take joy in teaching. I am thankful to one of my friends to recommend him to me. Also, I really appreciate all the efforts he put into his students and I definitely recommend him.

Rupinderjit Kaur

Lead Test Engineer, Sydney (Australia)

Great place to learn things and seriously I was not aware of coding but after joining QA Cult I start enjoying it and learn many things like java, selenium, latest frameworks like BDD, maven, and most important Jenkins.

Tushar Kashyap

Sr. Test Engineer, Delhi (India)

QACult is a very good Institute for learning Automation. One of the best institutes I believe and all credit goes to Amit Sir. If you are looking for coaching in java and automation testing, your search ends here as QA Cult provides you a great platform to learn java and automation testing. Amit Sir always prefers giving practical knowledge to each student with real-life examples which is the best way to understand any concept. His teaching approach is very detail-oriented and he is always ready to resolve your queries. Once Again, thank you so much, Sir, for making the tough concepts easily understandable for us. Highly recommended!!

Sahil Sharma

QA Engineer, Ahmedabad (India)

Best class for the java-selenium course. Each and every topic is covered. You will definitely love to attend class because every individual will experience the best in every lecture. If you want to learn java this is the best place for you. It is a great experience learning here. A very good platform to enhance one’s career and knowledge in automation. Thanks, sir for your guidance. I am very much satisfied with the teaching skills, he explains each and every minor detail about the subject. Help is always provided by him. He makes Classrooms very friendly and comfortable. I would say if you have the zeal to learn this is the place for you

Arshanjot Kaur

QA Module Lead, Delhi (India)

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