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Program Overview

Performance Testing is a specialized Non-Functional Testing which is required to certify the software system for Performance, Scalability, Capacity & Availability.

This program is designed for experienced Performance Testers who are already familiar with Performance Testing to get introduced to advanced concepts including Workload modelling, Queuing Theory & its applications for analyzing the system performance and developing simple performance models to help in system performance analysis & scalability validation.

At the end of this course, Performance Testers would carry an engineering mindset & matured thought process to design an effective performance test strategy by designing realistic workload model, to carryout valid performance tests & analyze performance problems mathematically using queuing theory principles. Also, the Performance testers will carry a sound knowledge on how-to interpret the performance bottleneck symptoms & predict the system performance by using simple models.

This workshop will cover the below topics through practical project case study illustrations

  • Workload modelling
  • Introduction to Queuing theory
  • Deep dive on operational laws
  • Mathematical relationship between performance metrics for effective performance bottleneck analysis
  • Applications of queuing theory (like validating the NFRs & workload model, validating the correctness of performance test, identifying the subsystem with performance bottlenecks, predict maximum achievable system throughput without testing, quantifying the system scalability issues, justify the software scalability issues, creating simple performance models, etc).
  • Performance modelling
  • Analytical Modelling Basics
  • Introduction to Statistical Modelling Techniques

As this workshop provides a proper foundational knowledge covering the essentials for having career in Performance Engineering space, this program acts as a pre-requisite for taking up advanced courses on the performance modelling techniques.

Would strongly recommend taking our workshops on “Performance Testing Essentials” & “Performance Test Analysis & Troubleshooting Essentials” to meet the prerequisites of this course.


Performance Testers, Performance Engineers & Performance Testing/Engineering Consultants.


This training is for Performance Testers with good knowledge in Performance Testing, who is interested in learning advanced topics in Performance testing & engineering space and to those who aspire to know the power of Performance Modelling. Participants are expected to have practical exposure in carrying out performance testing.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Introduction to Performance Engineering
  • Pre-Training Assessment (multiple choice questions)
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing versus Performance Engineering
  • Performance Engineering Activities during SDLC phases
  • Interpreting Resource utilizations rightly (CPU, Memory, Disk & Network)
  • Quick Look at Performance Evaluation & Troubleshooting Techniques
Module 2 : Workload Model Development
  • Best practices for selecting use cases for Performance Testing
  • User Traffic Log analysis
  • Log Analysis Tool Demo
  • Developing workload model – Project case study
  • Importance of Workload Model for Performance Testing
Module 3 : Introduction to Queuing Theory
  • What is a Queuing System?
  • Key terminologies in Queuing Theory
  • Deep Dive understanding using real life examples
  • Understanding Response Time Concepts & its components
  • Types of Queuing System
Module 4 : Deep Dive into Operational Laws (OL)
  • What are Operational Laws
  • Understanding Direct & Derived Metrics
  • Law 1 : Utilization Law (Explanation with usage examples)
  • Law 2 : Little’s Law (Explanation with usage examples)
  • Law 3 : Interactive Response Time Law (Explanation with usage examples)
  • Law 4 : Forced Flow Law (Explanation with usage examples)
  • Law 5 : Throughput Bound Law (Explanation with usage examples
Module 5 : Applications of OL in Performance Testing
  • Performance NFR Validation
  • Workload Model Validation
  • Virtual User license requirement calculation
  • Predicting maximum achievable system throughput
  • Identifying subsystem bottlenecks
  • Identifying scalability issues due to software versus hardware
  • Practical Project Case Study Exercises
Module 6 : Performance Modelling Basics
  • What is Performance Modelling
  • Types of Performance Modelling Techniques
  • Creating a simple Performance Prediction Model
  • Practical Project Case Study Evaluation
  • Overview of Statistical Modelling techniques
Module 7 : Assessment & Exercises
  • Post-Training Quiz
  • Practical Exercises

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