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Writing Good Test Requirements

A practical workshop in improving test design & adding business value | Duration : 2 days

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This workshop has been designed to assist participants in understanding better, ‘what are test requirements?‘, “How to write test requirements?”, “How and when should we use them?”, “Why should we check their testability (and how)?”, and “For what purpose (what are the benefits)?” We shall also discuss the pros and cons of using test requirements.

In order to exercise test requirements, we will first discuss requirements engineering aspects, and identify the common fit palls that may be found in requirements – which might make them untestable.The problem of poor requirements is well known: poorly defined requirements lead to poor quality products and a high cost of rework with the testers often being blamed for not doing enough testing! According to industry experts such as DeMarco and Boehm, poor requirements might consume as much as 75% of overall rework costs.

The solution is also well known: early involvement by testers in the requirements process, higher responsibility and involvement by product marketing/management and a lot more involvement by development. In this workshop we shall also experience writing test requirements from a specification document.Writing test requirements is a step on the way to writing good requirements (as good feedback leads to improvement), it is related to as the Verification phase in the development of requirements process.

In the workshop, hints and tips will be suggested as to how to develop and recognize good, testable requirements, how to develop good test requirements and how to organize the test requirements in efficient hierarchy.


Software quality engineers, testers, developers, product engineers and product managers, project managers & test leaders who have good understanding of software testing principles, yet are still struggling with software quality issues due to poorly defined, missing or inadequate requirements, and/or which are lacking a test requirements phase in their test design process, and would like to improve it.

Professionals who seek ways to improve their test design, getting the test team closer to the business, and enable easier test case writing, while improving the requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the requirements development process
  • Understand the requirements management process
  • Understand what software test requirements are
  • Discuss how to create test requirements
  • Understand where test requirements creation fits into the life cycle
  • Understand the impact of exercising Test Requirements process on the testing project
  • Recognize good, testable requirements
  • Know what to look for when reviewing requirements specifications
  • Appreciate the skills required by test requirements analysts
  • Understand how to analyze and decompose requirement documents into test requirements


  • This is an introduction to Software Test Requirements and does not cover requirements development and requirements management other than in broad terms
  • This workshop is NOT an introductory course on software testing and participants must have a good grasp of software testing terminology and processes
  • Participants will be expected to do some preparation by listing some ambiguous and ill-defined requirements from their current projects and be prepared to discuss these in the workshop in small groups

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