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ISTQB® Certified Tester

ISTQB® Foundation Level Certification

Duration : 4 days


Major topics that will be covered include test lifecycle, testing processes, test design techniques (black-box, white-box, experience-based), defect management and defect analysis, SW development models, reviews, risk based testing, configuration management, and other important topics that are used in the day to day of a testing professional.

Through presentation, discussion, debate, hands on exercises, brainstorming and questioning, we shall go through terminology, methodology, concepts and tools to learn how to plan, design and run tests, how to track what we do and improve over time. We shall discuss how to function as testers within testing and other type of teams, how to be productive and efficient using test automation and other tools, and how to produce working software.

Relevant exercises and simulations are integrated into the course in order to close the gap between methodology and actual field implementation and enable participants realize what they need to be doing in their designated teams as testers from now on.

Bonus: This course includes exam preparation sessions, during the course days, and on the last day, solving similar questions as in the ISTQB® Foundation exam and a running a full mock exam session (and analyzing its answers).


Testers, testing team leaders and test managers, developers, development leaders and development managers that were practicing testing for several years with no formal training on the topics at scope. Also testers in their beginning of career, who like to know what testing is all about, and what it means to act as a productive tester.


Participants should have some basic knowledge in IT.

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