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Travel & Leisure Testing Solutions

If your application handles payment or other secure information, QA Mentor’s security testing experts can help you achieve the peace of mind you want.

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QA Mentor Travel Industry Solution

Despite economy woes, the travel and leisure industry is picking up. The challenges remain the same, but for different reasons. There is a lot of competition out there, and customers are looking for enhanced solutions that are speedy, intuitive, accurate, affordable and secure. Applications in this industry are under stress 24/7 due to their inherent global nature, and most require some of kind security for handling payments, or even just private user information.

For applications in this industry, security and performance are keys to their success. The social media explosion can turn even minor missteps into global catastrophes. While it’s true that memories are often short, the time period that a company takes a hit can spell millions in lost revenues. Downtime can’t be tolerated, and security must be locked down tight.

Guest demographics have changed as well. Their needs and expectations fluctuate with new trends, not the least of which are a desire for a personalized experience and excessive usage of mobile apps. For the traveler, mobility is paramount. Travel applications need to work seamlessly between networks, offer meaningful notifications, and provide an enriching and fulfilling experience for the user.

If your application handles payment or other secure information, QA Mentor’s security testing experts can help you achieve the peace of mind you want, and the security your customers deserve. People are using their mobile devices for nearly everything now, including travel booking and payments. It’s for that reason QA Mentor has developed a fully equipped mobile testing lab that relies on the actual devices instead of emulators. With a convergence of mobile and security testing, we can help you make sure all of your customer information is safe from malicious attacks.

Our performance engineering experts know all of the tricks of the trade to weed out inefficiencies, locate bottlenecks, and verify scalability of computer and mobile applications. Whether you deal in car rentals, theatre tickets, or travel guides, you want to ensure that your brand is at the fingertips of anyone who wants it, at any time they desire. QA Mentor can help you do that.

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Hotel booking sites/apps

Car reservation sites/apps

Cruise booking sites/apps

Flight booking sites/apps

Travel agency sites/apps

Hotel chain sites/apps

Restaurant sites/apps

Travel guide sites/apps

Peer to peer sites/apps

Give us a call today to talk about the many services we offer and gain insight into our industry knowledge. Customers are fickle, and will turn to a competitor in a heartbeat. Let our company help you make sure that doesn’t happen to your business.

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