Our industry experts keep their head in the social media game in order to keep pace with the ever-changing social landscape

The social media explosion has made it clear that it’s an important tool for interactions with current and future customers in both local and global markets. And so the social media apps testing became a very influential factor in the entire development process.Both new and established businesses can secure high sales numbers and maintain their brand positioning across multiple media platforms, but only if their applications capture user interest and remain interactive and engaging for the long term.

Increased Focus On:

  • Increased target platforms
  • Flexibility
  • User experience
  • Website integration
  • Lasting connections

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What our team brings to the table:

Full range of social media web 2.0 testing services
Cost savings
Quick turnaround
Flexible hours
Shorter development life-cycles
Mobile testing lab
Array of automated tools
Dedicated teams
Customer insights
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Examples of social media applications we have experience with

  • Online forums
  • Blogging software
  • Content management systems
  • Online advertising applications
  • Web analytics software

Let our in-house experts take a look at your application before it’s sent out into the wild and give your product the polish it needs to survive and become a robust platform for your business’ success. Just contact QA Mentor to review your SM application and secure your company’s future success.

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