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We know your expectations are as high as your customer’s and we’re confident in our ability to exceed them

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The digital media evolution requires media and entertainment companies to keep up with the demands of their customers or lose their business to one of the hundreds of competitors. People are consuming more media now than ever before, in more locations as well as on varied devices. Whether it’s the business man checking stocks while on the train, the student studying courses on the bus, or the average reader taking in the next novel on their tablet, consumers are now multiplatform and eager to find new and fresh content available at their fingertips.

The pressure for the Media and Entertainment Industry to keep a persistent presence in multiple delivery channels on both high speed and less than ideal networks calls for new distribution models. What devices do you target, and for which audience? Can the networks handle the bandwidth needs? Where are the bottlenecks and how do we fix them? Can we guarantee consistent consumption rates? How do we utilize cloud services adequately? All of these questions and more plague the industry as customer’s expectations continue to increase. Distributed content systems need to be versatile and highly scalable to keep up with the huge shifts while driving growth and increasing performance.

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While this revolution offers exciting possibilities, it also highlights the necessity of a different approach to testing. Instead of test cases focused on data, testing in the Media and Entertainment Industry must zero-in on graphics, audio, and performance. It requires more than just your average tester running average manual test cases. Knowledge and usage of new technologies is necessary to efficiently and effectively validate audio and graphic quality, performance needs, and scalability expectations across an ever-growing and ever-changing array of multimedia devices. In addition to meeting an insatiable consumer demand, companies must also protect intellectual property rights within convergent industries.

To meet these unique challenges requires in-depth industry knowledge with a finger on the pulse of emerging trends. QA Mentor can help you meet that challenge. We know your expectations are as high as your customer’s and we’re confident in our ability to exceed them. Our team of professionals includes QA experts with years of experience testing media rich applications and delivery methods. We leverage top-tier COTS software specifically designed to validate graphics and audio quality. With our fully equipped lab, we can perform tests across the gamut of multimedia devices, platforms, and networks, while keeping an eye to your future needs with our performance and scalability expertise.

QA Mentor Media & Entertainment Solutions

What our team brings to the table:

In-depth industry knowledge

Emerging trends analysis

Experienced media application testing

Top tier COTS software knowledge

Fully equipped mobile testing lab

An eye to the future

Examples of our Media and Entertainment
Industry experience

Advertising applications

Television broadcasting venues

Sports franchise applications

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Digital magazine delivery applications

Music delivery applications

With media consumption rates at unprecedented levels and rising, don’t let your opportunity to keep your footing slip away. Get in touch with QA Mentor today to find out more about services that we can offer your business.

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