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Healthcare Testing Solutions

QA Mentor’s experience in the field of Healthcare software testing can help your product achieve all of its goals and put you ahead of your competition

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The healthcare industry, not unlike some other industries, has a great deal of public pressure to reduce costs yet keep or improve quality. The ever-increasing number of federal, state, and local regulations continue to make those goals difficult at best. With more and more data being digitized, increased wireless communication, and the stampede of mobile device usage, testing healthcare products is becoming more complex, expensive, and time consuming. Lack of compliance to industry standards or regulations carry huge financial penalties and damage public trust.

Keeping up with the software demands in the healthcare industry requires the harnessing of new technologies to keep operational costs low and provide unique solutions to old and emerging problems. IHE initiatives provide standards but don’t help with implementation and maintenance costs. The need for the healthcare industry’s services isn’t ever going away, but that doesn’t mean competition isn’t a factor. Patients, insurance companies, healthcare professionals, and facilities are constantly looking for ways to speed up processing while maintaining strict adherence to regulations, and keeping up with security requirements.

Healthcare Industry Challenges

Highly publicized

Increasing regulation

Mobility needs

Increasing complexity

Cost reduction requirements

Security and privacy needs

Desire for quick accessibility

Security and privacy concerns of patient data is at an all-time high. The digital age offers previously unimagined convenience and potential, but harbors serious vulnerabilities to malicious attacks. Patients, private industries, and government agencies look to software security to keep data safe and private, while still allowing appropriate and expedited access to the right people at the most critical times.

QA Mentor’s Healthcare Industry experience can help your product achieve all of its goals and put you ahead of your competition. Our industry professionals have experience dealing with the ever-changing rules sent down from various regulatory agencies. We can make sure that your product meets the stringent regulations of Meaningful Use, HIPAA, FDA, or VA requirements as well as identifying any non-conformance to industry standards such as HL7, HITSP, or DICOM. We will ensure seamless communication and collaboration across the enterprise for lab orders, documentation, claim processing, billing, or other process that your application interacts with.

QA Mentor Healthcare Expertise

Claims processing software

Electronic Health Records

Billing Applications

Medical Imaging Software

Medical Device Software

Patient Portals

State of Art Mobile Testing Lab

Patient Monitoring System

EMR Applications

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile and compatibility labs are able to validate your application on all of the top mobile devices, web browsers, and computer hardware/software configurations. QA Mentor’s security team is immersed in the software security community and constantly updated with new and evolving threats. The security and privacy of patient data and billing information will be assured when your system is certified by our security team.

What QA Mentor Brings to the Table

Healthcare quality assurance services

Regulatory compliance

Industry professionals

Seamless communication

Enterprise collaboration

Mobile testing lab

Security and Performance testing

Examples of our Healthcare Industry
applications experience

Claims processing software

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Billing Applications

Medical Imaging Software

Medical Device Software

Patient Portals

EMR Applications

Patient Monitoring Systems

CME Tools

Products related to the Healthcare Industry require technology and business expertise, regulatory knowledge, time, and resources. With our experience in the area of testing healthcare applications, QA Mentor can help your company surge ahead on the wave of the healthcare transformation while saving you both time and reducing the development cost.

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