Healthcare Testing Services

QA Mentor’s experience in the field of Healthcare software testing can help your product achieve all of its goals and put you ahead of your competition

The healthcare industry, not unlike some other business sectors, has a great deal of public pressure to reduce costs yet keep or improve quality. The ever-increasing number of federal, state, and local regulations continues to make those goals difficult at best, putting more and more pressure at healthcare providers.

Healthcare Industry Challenges

  • Highly publicized
  • Increasing regulation
  • Mobility needs
  • Increasing complexity
  • Cost reduction requirements
  • Security and privacy needs
  • Desire for quick accessibility

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What QA Mentor Brings to the Table

Healthcare quality assurance services
Regulatory compliance
Industry professionals
Seamless communication
Enterprise collaboration
Mobile testing lab
Security and Performance testing
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Examples of our Healthcare Industry applications experience

  • Claims processing software
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Billing applications
  • Medical Imaging Software
  • Medical Device Software
  • Patient Portals
  • EMR Applications
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • CME Tools

Products related to the Healthcare Industry require technology and business expertise, regulatory knowledge, time, and resources. With our experience in the area of testing healthcare applications, QA Mentor can help your company surge ahead on the wave of the healthcare transformation while saving you both time and reducing the development cost.

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