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To the lay person, testing games sounds like a dream job. But those of us in the industry of software development know that it requires a specific skillset and focus. Today’s games are bigger, faster, more realistic, and far more complex. The markets are expanding rapidly and users are more sophisticated than they ever have been in the past. The rapid rise of mobile gaming has added another layer of competiveness in this already highly competitive field.

Due to licensing approvals from regulatory bodies such as the ESRB and PEGI, compliance testing is a vital and labor intensive component to the gaming industry. Each of the platforms that games can be released on have their own technical requirements checklists that dictate error message formatting, memory card usage, and the use of trademarked or copyrighted material. That’s just one of the many issues involved with testing games. Functional testing takes seemingly endless hours and requires attention to detail in a fast paced environment. With so many variables, defects are easy to miss and with the resources needed, it’s hard not to short-change the functional testing.

Changes in Gaming Industry



Increased usage

More complex

Regulation restrictions

Users also have varied hardware and software configurations, most of which need to be identified and tested. Compatibility testing is paramount for any computer or mobile game. Minimum requirements must be mapped out and verified. Hardware configuration testing can be expensive without a testing lab and validating drivers can be a tedious process. If there is more than one targeted region for release, localization testing comes into play and getting testers from the associated regions can be difficult and expensive.

Mobile gaming has its own set of unique challenges. The size of the games is important due to bandwidth restrictions, and the varied screen sizes and resources of different mobile devices need to be taken into account. The mobile app marketplace also has their own set of rules and certification procedures that need to be validated.

Challenges in Gaming Software Testing

Multiple platforms

Platform specific requirements

Attention to detail needs

Easy to miss defects

Endless variables

Countless end-user hardware/software configurations

Localization issues

Mobile bandwidth considerations

All of this adds up to high expense, extended testing cycles, and increased resources to compete in the global gaming industry. Most companies can benefit from some help with lowering the costs and decreasing the time-to-market. QA Mentor has highly qualified testing professionals with decades of combined experience in the gaming industry. We are familiar with the licensing requirements and objectionable content rules associated with multiple licensing and regulatory bodies.

Our mobile testing lab is fully equipped and up-to-date with all popular mobile devices. We perform our tests on the actual devices instead of emulators to give your product the best possible overview. Our compatibility testing lab for PC/Mac products is state-of-the-art and capable of validating nearly all possible browser, operating system, and hardware configurations. We have testers from all over the world who can perform rapid and accurate localization testing, and our large team of dedicated testers can complete functional testing with amazing efficiency and effectiveness.

QA Mentor Gaming Solutions

  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Fully equipped mobile testing lab
  • Rapid and accurate localization by our testers worldwide
  • Years of experience in testing of:
    – Facebook page
    – Mobile games
    – Computer games
    – Console games( Nintendo, Xbox,wii, PlayStation)

What our team brings to the table:

Full range of game testing services

Professional gaming testers

Decades of experience

Regulatory familiarity

Mobile testing lab

Global testers

Examples of our Gaming Industry experience

Facebook games

Mobile games

Computer games

Console games (Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, Playstation)

Hand-held device games (Nintendo 3DS, PSP, Nvidia Shield)

Don’t ask your team to work the long hours and weekends necessary to fully vet your new gaming product, just contact us and let QA Mentor take some of the load for you. With our game testing services your product will have the competitive edge in the gaming industry.

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