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While many industries need good security, the financial and banking industry has significant security requirements. The data transferred back and forth could devastate millions of people or even entire countries if used maliciously in the wrong hands. For the same reasons, the accuracy of the mathematical processes used is paramount, making this industry very unique in comparison to most others.

Banks and other financial firms rely on the availability of their computer systems and the accuracy of the data being processed. Data presentation both internally and externally is also of high importance. In today’s global markets, the systems are even more complex in both their architecture and their business and government regulation compliance needs. Secure coding practices are vital to protect the unique information and meet expanding security requirements. With the emergence of mobile banking trends, yet another layer of complexity and vulnerability is added on top of an already taxed industry.

Unique to this Industry

Large amounts of data processed

High importance

Global Markets

Complex systems

Heavy regulations

Top notch security

Frequent attack targets

The banking industry in particular is the frequent target of attacks. Despite security measures, significant cybercriminal threats manage to steal an increasing amount of information each year. This highlights the fact that even the simplest errors can open doors and reveal serious vulnerabilities. In order for businesses to keep their data safe from threats, they need to have systems in place that are functioning securely 100% of the time. However, an attacker only needs to be correct once. A higher level of due diligence and proactive testing are needed now more than ever.

Both large and small institutions have felt the pinch of recent economic issues and increasing government oversight. Cost effective means of development are often employed, but this tightening of purse strings shouldn’t allow for short-changing security testing.

QA Mentor Banking & Finance Solutions

By using state of the art technology, time-tested methods, and leveraging global resources, QA Mentor can help your company achieve high security, mobile compatibility, and top performance while keeping your costs low. We employ a number of financial industry experts as part of our professional quality assurance team. Our industry experts can perform comprehensive assessments to identify vulnerabilities arising from an array of possible entry points specific to your financial applications. The network and perimeter devices on it, third party software, wireless access points, web applications, and improper configuration and patch management processes are examples of the most common weak points. Our fully equipped mobile testing lab will ensure that your application can be used on all of the top mobile devices.

What our team brings to the table:

All-round banking application testing services

Years of ecommerce experience

Shorter development cycles

Effective resource utilization

Strong security certifications

Thorough compatibility testing

Globalization and localization

Financial & Banking Industry application examples

Financial applications

Institutional Equities
Investor Relations
Investment Management
Investment Banking
Corporate Advisory
Payments Systems

Banking applications

Money Transfer
Credit Cards
Investment Services
Micro Finance

Insurance applications

Claims Processing
Customer Self-service Portals

Trading applications

Stock trading
Mutual funds trading
Currencies trading

Recent scandals have reduced the public trust in financial institutions for a variety of reasons. Utilizing an independent third party’s banking software testing services to validate and certify your application or system security can be a big selling point to investors and your customers. Contact QA Mentor today and order a free quote to see the full range of financial application testing services that our company can offer you.

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