QA Mentor has individuals on staff who have made E-Learning their focus

Successful e-learning applications require much more than pretty pages with information on them. The development of such system is a long and tedious process that requires a unique approach.

Keys to eLearning Success

  • Easy navigation
  • Clear instructions
  • Browser compatibility
  • Mobility
  • Engaging and motivating presentation
  • Flawless grammar and spelling
  • Easy-to-understand content

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QA Mentor’s eLearning Testing Considers

  • Learner characteristics
  • Instructional design
  • Course structure
  • CMS engagement

Typical Questions our eLearning Experts Use for Evaluations

  • Does the course follow applicable regulations?
  • Is our implementation plan viable?
  • Can course updates be done seamlessly?
  • Is the navigation clear or confusing?
  • Do the courses meet the learning objectives?
  • Does it work in all required languages?
  • How quickly can the learner navigate the site and course?

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Examples of e-learning applications

  • Colleges and Universities – Online courses for degrees
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities – Continuing Education (CE) courses, Certification courses, Health Industry updates
  • Businesses – Insurance courses, trade courses, CE courses, in-house training courses, on-the-job training courses

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