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E-Commerce Testing Solutions

We provide E-Commerce solution. Our team at QA Mentor has years of E-Commerce
quality assurance experience, both as testers and as consumers

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If you’re in the E-Commerce industry, then your website is more than just a site. It’s a business critical, highly visible portal that integrates with multiple supply chains and payment systems. E-Commerce requires a large up-front investment that relies solely on 24/7 accessibility for a growing but fickle marketplace. Online users these days are increasingly savvy and often intolerant of haphazard shopping systems. Their alternatives are many, and the demand for E-Commerce is only increasing. A successful E-Commerce business can count on years of steady income, but only if it’s user friendly, highly performant, and reliable.

Downtime experienced in the E-Commerce industry is a direct revenue loss for the company and can cause even more damage due to defamation of image. With a rapidly changing technical environment, businesses have a need to keep up with browser updates and additions, as well as portability between different platforms. Any number of issues can arise from middleware integration, payment systems, security, or even just a lack of mass appeal.

What Turns Users Away Fast?



Clumsy Interface

Poor Coloring

Not Professional-looking

Poor grammar

With the harsh competition out there, E-Commerce sites must strive to enhance the user experience in a cost effective way. Providing uninterrupted availability even during peak holiday times, maintaining legal compliance, and keeping applications compatible with all browsers and devices while addressing a global market is a challenging feat. QA Mentor can help.

Leads To

Revenue loss

Defamation of image

Competitors taking your customers

Our team at QA Mentor has years of E-Commerce experience, both as testers and as consumers. We can provide you with shorter development cycles, effective resource utilization, as well as the peace of mind that comes with strong security certifications. We understand the issues specific to your industry and are able to focus on the most important aspects. Our QA professionals can provide clear and thorough usability testing evaluations to help ensure your design is appealing, and compatibility tests to verify all users have the same experience. Our security experts can mitigate your risks involved with handling payment information through multiple network types and user devices. We understand the challenges involved in handling peak loads during the holiday seasons while keeping transaction times short. And, our industry experts can do a side-by-side comparison with your competitors to make sure you’re hitting all of the marks and exceeding expectations. If you have a goal of going global, we have native speakers of multiple languages to perform thorough globalization or localization tests.

With our full range of E-Commerce testing services,
QA Mentor can ensure:

Minimum downtime

Browser compatibility

Portability between devices

Better security

Smooth middleware integration

High speeds even at peak times

What our team brings to the table:

Years of E-Commerce software testing experience

Shorter development cycles

Effective resource utilization

Strong security certifications

Thorough compatibility testing

Globalization and localization

Examples of E-Commerce platforms and applications
QA Mentor has experience with

Music purchase applications

Retail mobile apps

Video streaming purchase applications

Online courseware markets

Trade and Craft sales applications

Online Auction websites

The industry is littered with failures that could have been easily avoided with proper E-Commerce testing. Don’t let your company become a statistic. Contact QA Mentor today to see how our company can help you succeed.

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