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Test Design on Demand Services

Our team of QA professionals is ready to start immediately on your project and will guarantee meeting the deadline that is suitable for your business.

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Far too often companies have a project that needs tested but don’t have the resources to dedicate for preparation. Perhaps your team is dedicated on other projects but will be freed up later. Your choice could be to hold up the release, or hire a group like QA Mentor to make the preparations for you. Choosing QA Mentor will save you time, money, and headaches.

Test Design On Demand means that we have a rotating team of quality assurance professionals who are eager to work on your project immediately. In mere hours after the initial assessment phone call, we could have a Test Plan created and Test Cases started. Within a week of beginning, our scalable team will have hundreds of quality test cases created based on your requirements, design documentation, mockups, or prototypes. We utilize leading industry standards to create the most focused tests while delicately balancing time, money, and high quality. Once development is complete and your own QA team is free, they can utilized our efforts to seamlessly transition into performing comprehensive testing on the new application.

How it Works

– Together, we outline requirements and expectations
– Our team reviews this information
– We provide an estimation of effort (including time and # of resources)
– The team is assembled and work begins

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One of the great things about this service is that if we need more resources to meet your deadline, we have them ready and waiting. That isn’t something that you can do in-house. We can continuously scale the team, as needed, to make sure that your test plan has complete coverage in the timeframe you have determined. We can also guarantee that at least 30% of our resources are domain experts in your industry. For example, if your application is mobile, key members on our team will have senior level experience in mobile testing and will help guide the other test engineers.

To be most successful, what we need from you are good requirements. With adequate documentation, we don’t even need access to your development environment. However, even absent that documentation, our well-trained test design team can work with you to glean the necessary information and create an appropriate and successful plan of attack.

Benefits of QA Mentor’s Test Design On-demand Services

Scalable, rotating team of professionals

Test plan created within hours

Hundreds of test cases in less than a week

Industry standards adhered to

Domain experts on team

Can work with or without requirements

Use it only when you need it

QA Mentor On-Demand Test Design Process

Immediate Benefits

With On Demand services, you only have to pay when you need the service. This can save you money in comparison to keeping additional staff on the payroll. Our team of QA professionals is ready to start immediately on your project and will guarantee meeting the deadline you have set. Your own staff can stay focused on other pressing priorities while you remain confident that all of the necessary work and preparation is being completed by professionals and up to industry standards. You will have verifiable coverage and a flexible team that is easily scalable to your needs. Our test cases are always clear, concise, and easily followed by anyone, even if they aren’t familiar with the application.

Common Deliverables

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Health Check Test Cases

Test Plan

Positive Test Cases

High Level Test Scenarios

Negative Test Cases

Detailed Level Test Cases

Prioritization of the test cases based on importance

Here’s how it generally works:

One of our experienced QA Experts will get in touch with the lead contact from your company and find out exactly what is required. They will determine the current state of the project life cycle, the deadlines, and simply what your team needs and expects from us. After that meeting, the QA Mentor Expert will evaluate the information gathered and provide a timely and accurate estimation of effort. This estimation will include the time needed to complete the project and the number of resources necessary to hit your targeted date. If everyone is in agreement, we will assemble the team. Your new team will start work as early as the next day by going over all documentation you give us and/or moving through any mockups or prototypes to develop a comprehensive plan of attack. Once the general plan is created, work on test cases begins in earnest. Your QA Mentor team will work together and with any resources you provide to create a requirements traceability matrix, which consists of high level scenarios mapped to functional requirements. From there, all of the necessary, detailed test cases to cover complete functionality and requirements are started. Our test cases are grouped by type, such as negative, UI, field validation, database, security, integration, or health/sanity check. This documentation will be delivered to and approved by you. Once the application is ready to test, your own internal team can utilize the work we’ve done and immediately begin testing.

What we need from you

Project Timeline

Go Live Date

Demo Session

Business Requirements

Functional Requirements


Use cases

Architecture Documents

Sample Test Documentation

Field Dictionary Document

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy. Just get in touch, order your free quote and see what our business can do for yours.

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