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A TCoE helps large companies with multiple QA teams achieve increased quality, efficiency, and performance by using their current tools and people in smarter ways.

Have you recently been tasked by senior management to establish a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) within your organization? Do you want to step up to the next level of testing in your company? Are you having difficulty figuring out where to start with this daunting task and need to present a proposal soon? QA Mentor can assist you with all of the above and more today.

A TCoE helps large companies with multiple QA teams achieve increased quality, efficiency, and performance by using their current tools and people in smarter ways.  It can increase visibility into the overall quality process and help executives calculate the true value your QA teams bring to the table.

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Instead of having several, independent testing teams struggle to reinvent the wheel with every single project, how would you like to see your company adopting a model where specialized teams retain their individuality while working seamlessly with each other to promote end-to-end collaboration? That’s really the crux of a TCoE. It’s a framework of critical assets, people, process and technology working together to realize a centralized vision of quality. The TCoE is a dedicated group of your employees that create a central set of QA processes and strategies, define the QA methodology, and provide tools and training for the individual QA teams. It will help each of the QA departments to adapt the best practices and be the primary place for team members to go to when they need help or guidance.

Today’s business world changes fast and requires increasingly more resources to address those changes. It’s easy to take shortcuts, but those can lead to expensive quality issues, project failures, budget overruns, and can risk staff burnout. Building a TCoE can drive down those risks and associated costs, increase the competency of your teams, eliminate or reduce redundancies, accelerate testing, and of course ensure the highest quality.

Whether you are driving to streamline, reduce your time-to-market, improve sales, or just maximize your ROI, with QA Mentor’s help you can build a TCoE that adds very little overhead and leverages the strengths of your individual team members. Let our experience help you navigate through your current challenges.

The benefits of building a TCoE are manifold. By increasing cross product knowledge and training, your teams can balance the load between them. Projects will have a faster ramp up period since each team will have the same access to specialists for specific testing needs and share the testing tools. A qualified TCoE test manager, which can be provided by QA Mentor, will ensure that each team understands the bigger picture, shares best practices, and are enhanced with common training. They will also be able to accurately predict required testing resources and costs.

How it works

A TCOE implementation is done in phases and QA Mentor will be with you every step of the way, guiding you with our expertise. We’ll start by using our years of experience to perform a gap analysis on your current testing process and an assessment to identify current testing challenges within the company that could be best served by the TCOE and establish the goals you want to achieve.

We’ll help you to define a 12-month implementation road map and provide step by step instructions on how to integrate the TCoE into your business and establish KPIs to measure performance.  If needed, we can even place one of our highly qualified QA Manager to help in these initiatives. We’ll help you set up individual core components, such as performance centers, automation testing centers, and asset management. To increase visibility and trust with the rest of the organization, regular communication processes will be implemented between team members and all other applicable stakeholders.

Instead of each team using different tools, the TCoE model strives to centralize the tools so that each team has the same access. To aid in this consolidation and centralization process, we’ll help you identify which of your current tools could remain and be used by everyone, and which tools you are missing and may need to bring in-house.

QA Mentor will guide you in selecting team members and help define their specific role or roles within the TCoE.  Ideally, the TCoE core team members are selected from your current employees. Occasionally, specific skillsets are necessary and additional staff or training will need to be done to augment the TCoE Core Team.  This core team can include the following:

  • Test managers
  • Test architects
  • Test automation engineers
  • Test designers
  • TCoE Coordinators
  • Testers

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With our help using the TCoE model, you can maximize your ROI, consolidate resources, standardize processes, minimize costs, and ensure fewer defects make it to production. Contact us now to get started right away on your own Testing Center of Excellence and see for yourself what we can do for you.

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