Static Testing & Inspection Artifacts Services

Before a single line of code is written, testing can begin. Defects are eliminated before they’re hard-coded into the application, where they’re more likely to be missed and far more expensive to fix.

We all know that the sooner defects are found, the easier and less expensive they are to fix. Relying solely on dynamic application testing to find defects isn’t the best or most efficient means of testing.  When requirements gathering begins, testing process can be launched immediately, without executing any code.  At this stage, defects cost nearly nothing to fix, as opposed to waiting until the issues hit the test or production environment, costing your company both time and revenue loss.

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Commonly Reviewed Documentation

Business Requirement Specifications
Functional Specifications
Design Documents or Mockups
Prototype Specifications
Test Plans
Test Cases
Manual or Automated Test Scripts
Unit Test Cases
System Use Cases
Field Dictionaries
Help Documents or Training Guides

What We Usually Find

Missing or Incomplete Requirements
Design Defects
Inconsistent Interface Specifications
Field Validation Gaps
Undefined Error Messages
Undeclared field validations
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The primary objective of all static testing is to find errors as early as possible in the SDLC and thereby improve the quality of the end-product. Let QA Mentor help you achieve full test coverage with lower production defect rates, shorter development and testing cycles, and a higher ROI. Call us today, order your free quote and get your team started in static testing!

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