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Software Security Testing Services

Security testing can be daunting. It requires dedicated training, ongoing education, continuous practice, and top-rated tools.

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We live in an online world, and one that is under an ever increasing threat of malicious individuals whose sole purpose is to find weaknesses in web or mobile applications and exploit them for their own gain. The majority of web and mobile applications submitted for security verification do not pass the first time. Even a small breach could cost your company millions in lost business, loss of trust, and lawsuits. A large breach could bring a company to its knees. But you don’t need to face the threat alone.

Software Security Testing Services

ransomwareRansomware (originated from the words ransom and malware) blocks business users from accessing their data and system. Affected users can regain access only after paying a ransom amount.
ransomwareMalware is a harmful malicious software or program that infects the network or device of the end users.
ransomwareSpoofing is a cyber-attack in which the attacker pretends to be a trusted source and attempts to steal or corrupt the critical data by accessing the user’s system through email spoofing, IP spoofing, URL spoofing etc.
ransomwarePhishing is a type of cyber-fraud or social engineering attack in which the attacker masquerades and steals critical data, login credentials etc. by tricking the users through malicious emails, links, texts etc.
ransomwareDDoS attacks or distributed denial of service attacks, are malicious attempts of cybercrime in which the attacker tries to disrupt or affect the normal traffic of the target server by using fake traffics.
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security testing services

Why QA Mentor?

– Specialized software security testing services executed by dedicated professionals
– Examines your application the same way a hacker would
– Proficient in aggressively attacking application defences to find loopholes and weaknesses
– Use top rated tools
– Abide by best practices set forth by OWASP

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Security testing can be daunting. It requires dedicated training, ongoing education, continuous practice, and top rated tools. The best security testing engineers, like those at QA Mentor, immerse themselves in the world of security testing and keep up to date on the latest threats and how to avoid them. Most businesses cannot afford the time or money to do that on their own. Security testing is highly specialized and should never be disregarded as something that any developer or tester can do without proper training. QA Mentor has a team of individuals who specialize in this art to take the burden off of you and your company and give you peace of mind.

Your web or mobile application is the face of your company and three-quarters of all attacks target the application layer of the system. Most business-level security scanners only scan the source code of applications and miss the deeper layers and the human element. It also neglects the inherited vulnerabilities of third party code and other dependencies, as well as unintentional user input.

Key Preventive Measures Offered by QA Mentor:

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Security Testing Consultancy:

QA Mentor provides an End-to-End security testing services through the array of preventive measures, proven methodology and framework, use of best tools identified through POCs (proof of concepts) and an excellent infrastructure which is using evolving technologies. The backbone of all of these are the industry and project experience QA Mentor and its highly qualified & certified Security Testing Consultants. Our consultants closely work with our customers to assess their system, conduct POC to identify the relevant preventive measure and tools to be used and guide the IT teams of the businesses with a clearly defined roadmap to be followed to secure their systems.

Application Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a simulated security exercise in which ethical hackers attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities of an application system (web or mobile). The objective of this exercise is to identify any possible loopholes present in the system’s defence mechanism which the real hackers could take advantage of. QA Mentor practices the following stages while exercising this:

application testing diagram

It helps in the testing of the system’s cyber defence capacity and guides the businesses to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Network Security Testing:

Network Security Testing helps to identify the vulnerabilities in the security system of a business and to guide with solutions to improve the security measures. The key objective of network security testing is to identify the security risks, level of possible threats and revenue impact. QA Mentor follows their proven 4-D model and use the derived security measures to secure the business system with help of iterative vulnerability assessment and network penetration testing.

network security testing

API Security Testing:

In the world of digital civilizations, use of API is getting popular increasingly as a technology enabler and it connects various applications and micro-services through end points. Hence securing these end points are quite critical for businesses to protect the confidential data. QA Mentor uses the concept of API Fuzzing by providing random data to the target API until any unexpected behaviours or errors are observed. In addition, QA Mentor uses other applicable methods of API security testing like SQL Injection on target API, tampering of API parameters etc. We follow a strict 10 pointer checklist in our API software security testing services process to ensure better coverage:


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cloud security testing

Cloud Security Testing:

Using a cloud infrastructure is no more a new phenomenon in the digital world. Businesses use it as a basic practice now a days due to numerous benefits associated with it. Hence, it should be a top most priority for the businesses to secure their cloud infrastructure as that’s the nucleus of their business from all aspects. In cloud security testing, the cloud infrastructure is screened to identify security risks and the areas which can be exploited by the attackers. Cloud security testing is mainly performed to ensure that cloud infrastructure can protect the confidential information of an organization. QA Mentor adopts three different approaches during the cloud security testing process:


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security testing services

QA Mentor Security Testing Methodology

Best Practices

security testing services Based on OWASP guidelines
security testing services Security testing throughout SDLC
security testing services Threat modeling & threat rating
security testing services Industry standards
security testing services Metrics, PKIs & reports

Our Security Testing Facets

security testing services Security Hardening
security testing services Patch management
security testing services Identity management
security testing services Penetration testing
security testing services Ongoing monitoring
security testing services Functional security testing
security testing services Preventive & proactive approach

Top Rated Tools

security testing services ZAP
security testing services SQL Inject Me
security testing services OpenVAS
security testing services HTTP Watch
security testing services HP WebInspect
security testing services NetCraft
security testing services App Scanner

QA Mentor examines your web or mobile application the same way that a hacker would. Our team is proficient in aggressively attacking application defences from all possible angles to find loopholes and weaknesses. Using all of the top rated tools at our disposal, such as ZAP, SQL Inject Me, OpenVAS and more, we utilize the information and best practices set forth by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to perform both automated and manual end to end testing of your most precious asset – your application and data. When we’re done, we provide you with all of the information you need to understand the vulnerabilities we found and how to fix them.

QA Mentor Framework for Securing your Business:

QA Mentor’s software security testing services framework is enabled by robust tools and technologies which has been implemented for businesses across different business domains to assess the defence capabilities of their systems and servers. It’s a technically proven framework which guided many organizations to take corrective measures to secure their businesses.

In this framework, first we understand the nature of application and its business context. Based on the understanding, our security consultants create the simulation of possible threat models relevant for the business. Then our QA team develop the respective test plan and execute the test scenarios with help of suitable tool(s). Based on the execution logs and findings, the QA engineers outline and assess the details of the identified vulnerabilities. In the final stage, QA Mentor develops and shares the full report containing the detailed analysis and the technical recommendations for corrective actions or measures to be taken.

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List of special services being offered w.r.t the emerging
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How do we assess our customer’s needs?

QA Mentor adopts careful considerations while assessing the requirements of the customers. Whether it’s a request for free pilot project or a paid full project cycle, the experienced security consultants use specially crafted questionnaire to collect and understand our customers well. This questionnaire contains specific questions which help our consultants to analyse the customer and to suggest possible preventive measures according to the needs of their businesses (the glimpse of a sample questionnaire is shared below).

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If you require security testing services, than we are here for you. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

The time to worry about security is before an attack, not after. The safety of your data and your customer’s sensitive information should be your prime concern, but it’s actually our business. QA Mentor is a leading global security testing company, and we can work with you to certify your site and give you and your clients the safety and security they deserve.

Awards & Recognitions in Software Testing Services

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Sample Report of Security Testing and Audit:

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QA Mentor prepares an extensive report for the customers and it contains revision history, project objective, detailed processes adopted, methodologies, approaches, scope inclusion, detailed findings, solutions, recommendations, supporting elements/parameters etc. It helps our customers to get the full insight of the project and its findings along with the probable solutions and recommendations.

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