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QA Training & Seminars

Ruslan’s training and seminars are highly interactive as he encourages individuals to ask questions and share their own perspectives and unique challenges.

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One of our more popular services, our QA Training and Seminars are conducted by QA Mentor founder and CEO Ruslan Desyatnikov. Since he is but one person and likes to keep the audience small, we often cannot accommodate the demand. Ruslan’s training and seminars are highly interactive as he encourages individuals to ask questions and share their own perspectives and unique challenges. The result has a large impact with a wealth of information conveyed to all. Ten to twelve participants are ideal for maximum learning and effect.

With his busy schedule visiting our 5 global locations, Ruslan Desyatnikov can only schedule one training or seminar per month. Generally, the seats to those seminars are sold out within one day of posting the next month’s schedule. However, since there are 12 seminars available, interested parties can buy a full package for one year’s worth in order to reserve limited seats.

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Every session is unique and differs from any other training provided by training organizations. We make each session practical by sharing experiences, mistakes, and learning situations. We have 12 sessions per year and the topics are as follows:

Static Testing Techniques and Achieving a High ROI

In this training seminar, you will learn how to implement a static testing phase within your SDLC. You will learn how to start application testing before a single line of code is written and identify issues that would potentially be converted into functional defects if not detected in this phase. You’ll learn the entire methodology behind inspection methods and static testing on business requirements, functional requirements, design documentation, prototypes, wireframes, use cases, etc. You’ll learn the principal of shift-left testing, which few companies fully understand or are willing to invest in, and how to calculate ROI on static testing. Find out how our CEO was able to save a company over 10 million dollars using these principals and methods by stopping design and development and using static testing. These are only a few points out of many you will learn that are based on real, hands-on experience instead of just textbook theories. These sessions aren’t training so much as sharing knowledge and helping you to eliminate costly QA mistakes. Our CEO Ruslan Desyatnikov is eager to share his secrets of QA gleaned from over 17 years of active QA experience.

Building a Testing Center of Excellence for QA Executives

In this training seminar, Ruslan Desyatnikov will share all his secrets on how to build a true Testing Center of Excellence, instead of just calling yourself one. Ruslan has experience building one himself and has helped to build more than 6 other Testing Centers of Excellence, some for multi-billion dollar organizations. He will explain how to put a correct structure in place, outline the skills you will need, and identify which people will need to be hired. He will share his keen insights on how to become a self-funded Testing CoE and also how to build a profit model for your TCOE. No other books or training exists on this topic but Ruslan is willing to share with you his personal experiences, mistakes he’s witnessed, shortcuts that no one should take, big vendor players you should never be dealing with, as well as unique services that you can offer which will make your center a true TCOE and one of a kind in your organization. This seminar is very popular with senior management teams, including CIOs, CTOs, and QA Directors who are looking forward to establishing a Testing COE within their organization.

Performance Testing Secrets for QA Executives

Performance testing is an art. Simply running a basic test for 1000 virtual users is not performance testing. Even buying a performance tool and believing that now you have performance coverage is a mistake. In this seminar, you will learn how to plan performance testing by learning what is required to run any performance tests. You’ll learn how to build a workload model, and how to determine if your current test environment can be used for performance testing even though it is less powerful than your production environment.

Automation Testing Secrets for QA Executives

Should you automate or not? When is the best time to start the automation, and when is it not worthwhile? What tools should you purchase and how do you know which one is right for you? How do you leverage the benefits from automation when development isn’t even 10% done? What areas should be automated first? In this seminar, these questions and many more are answered by our CEO who has created himself automation frameworks in Winrunner and QTP and automated over 80% of a 20,000 test case repository for a Global Internet Banking application. Ruslan Desyatnikov will share all of his automation secrets accumulated over years of working closely with and supporting clients on over 100+ automation projects.

Browser Compatibility Testing Techniques and Strategy

In this seminar, Ruslan Desyatnikov will talk about why there is a need to conduct browser certification testing for all web-based applications. He’ll explain what you should do when your application needs to be certified on all browsers, and so many exist today in the industry. He’ll also offer shortcuts you can take without compromising quality. Ruslan will share his secrets on how he was able to certify an online banking application for one of the biggest banks in the world, in over 60 possible browser-operating system combinations by using common sense instead of automation.

Quality Center – Secrets of Metrics and QC Customization for Full Control

Quality Center is an excellent enterprise tool but many organizations barely scratch the surface of its capabilities. Many are lucky if they even use 30% of the tools available. During this seminar, you will become an expert in QC and be able to understand what you need to do in order to have full control and monitoring capabilities in your hands and utilize the tool to its fullest.

Risk-based Testing Approach

In this seminar, you will learn how to perform smart testing instead of unnecessary testing. By utilizing Ruslan’s approach, you will save money and time without losing quality. You will learn secrets on what you can safely skip in testing and what areas must never be skimped on.

Security Testing for QA Executives

A good night’s sleep after a production release is rare if you spend the time worrying about security holes and vulnerabilities. This seminar will teach you how to ensure that your applications are secure from any attack and let you do something unusual after a release: relax.

World of Automation Tools – Finding the Best Solution

In this seminar, Ruslan will open the door of understanding for various automation tools. As one of the key contributors to our QA Automation Tool Expert Services, Ruslan will explain secrets on how to integrate automation with a limited budget and still achieve increased efficiency in your team. He’ll reveal why he believes that some of the enterprise automation tools out there will only have you chasing your own shadow instead of helping your team. Based on his experience, he’ll guide you in the top open source picks vs. enterprise options. After this seminar you will understand tool pricing, what can truly be automated and with less effort, and what tools will be the best right hand in your QA Organization.

Examples of tools covered:

API Testing Tools

JUnit, JMeter, TestNG, AlertSite, SoapUI Pro

Defect Management Tools

Jira, Rally, Bugzilla, Mantis, DevTrack, SilkCentral, TestTrack Pro

Link Verification Tools

Link Checker Pro, W3C Link Checker, Web Link Validator, InSite, JSpider

Mobile Testing Tools

MonkeyTalk, MobiReady, Ranorex, Google Mobilizer, Silk Mobile

Test Automation Tools

SilkTest, Selenium, CloudTest, LoadUI, Test Partner, Rational, Test Complete, QTP, Watir, Ranorex

Security Testing Tools

Oedipus, OWASP ZAP, SoapUI, Acunetix, QualysGuard

Test Management Tools

Quality Center, Rational, Jira, Rally, Silk Central, QA Complete, TestDirector, UTest

Virtualization Tools

VMware, Virtual PC, Sun, VirtualBox, Xen

Mobile Testing Techniques

With new mobile devices entering the market daily, how you do you ensure you have complete coverage for your application? Based on his experience in the mobile testing industry, Ruslan will explain the typical mistakes QA Managers make when setting up mobile test labs. All of your mobile testing questions will be answered in this seminar that covers topics not found anywhere else.

Test Data Management Secrets

In this training seminar, Ruslan will discuss the importance of test data management processes within Software Testing and Software Development Life Cycles. He will share his experience on achieving 100% test coverage by speeding up test preparation and execution cycles using tools such as Datamaker from Grid-tools. He can also explain how the same tool can provide test data on demand to satisfy any test data related requests by busy QA teams. Ruslan will further share secrets on what to do if you do not have the budget to purchase test data management tools and instead need to go the manual route. Using a case study example that has brought excitement to top IT executives, he will how a test data management practices were implemented across entire organizations with 50,000+ IT resources.

Onshore-offshore QA Model – The Secrets of Success

Conducted in various countries worldwide by Ruslan, this seminar has been a tremendous success with the audiences. Ruslan shares his own experience building over a dozen onshore-offshore engagements for multiple QA Organizations. He is constantly asked his secrets of making such engagements successful when so many others have failed. In this seminar, he will tell you exactly how. If you’re interested in building an onshore-offshore team, you will not regret attending this seminar and learning all of the necessary steps to do it right.

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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