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QA Recruitment & Staffing Services

Daily our QA recruiters talk with new and existing candidates to understand their specific skillsets, experience, and personalities so that we can more accurately find a synergistic candidate.

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Anyone who has done some hiring knows that the process of hiring qualified employees or consultants takes time. You have to review loads of resumes to find ideal candidates or work with a recruitment agency, conduct phone screenings to weed the list down further, and then have the actual face to face interviews. Doing all of this takes your busy team members or other personnel away from other important projects for your business and clients, resulting in additional costs.

Generally, the person doing the initial candidate search works in HR and doesn’t have the expertise to know what it is you’re looking for in QA team member. You can often find yourself face to face with a candidate that you know immediately doesn’t meet your standards. Another inefficient process sometimes used due to QA personnel being unavailable, is having a non-QA person do the in-person interviews. Unless the interviewer has that same level of knowledge about QA as the candidate, it can be difficult to know if the candidate has what it takes to do the job they might be hired for. These kind of situations waste precious time and money that can be saved by utilizing the top QA professionals at QA Mentor instead.

What QA Mentor Offers

– Growing database of over 10,000 pre-screened candidates
– Hand-Picked candidates based on your needs
– The time-tested internal interview process
– Satisfaction guarantee

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QA Mentor’s QA Recruitment and Staffing Services transfers that lengthy process from your busy hands to our talented and capable ones. Designed with busy professionals like you in mind, our experienced, senior QA experts can help you find, screen, and interview for roles of entry level tester all the way to senior level QA executives. In addition to working with QA Companies, QA teams, and HR departments, we can also assist staffing companies in finding, screening, and interviewing candidates prior to sending them to their clients.

We have an ever-growing database of over 5000 pre-screened, potential candidates and a team of QA experts with a wide variety of expertise and experience. There’s not an aspect of QA that we do not have an expert for. If you’re looking for that special candidate with a specific skillset, we have, we can hand pick members of our team to help find and interview to make sure that field of knowledge is sufficiently covered. Before any candidates are sent to you, they have to go through our difficult, but time-tested internal interview process so you can rest assured that they will meet your requirements.

Existing QA Recruitment Process


Non-QA person does the in-person

Lack of proper pre-screening
by HR

Requires project team member’s time affecting project delivery

QA Mentor Recruitment Process


QA experts find, screen, and interview
for all roles

Database of over 5000+ pre-screened

Tailored for small to medium size companies and staffing agencies

Daily our QA recruiters talk with new and existing candidates to understand their specific skillsets, experience, and personalities so that we can more accurately find a synergistic candidate. We can meet any unique job requirement you have because we know the pool of candidates and the QA community intimately. We’re so sure that you’ll love our results, we’ll even guarantee our 99.9% success rate. If we send you 2 candidates, we guarantee that one of them will be hired or our service is free. 

The demand for this service is high among small to medium size companies building QA teams. Often such companies need an independent expert help to search, select, screen, and interview, in order to select the right people who will fit into the team and the organization Demand, is nearly as high with large recruitment agencies who have senior level positions to fill. When reputation is everything, as it is with a recruitment firm, it’s important that you don’t send unqualified candidates to a big client. QA Mentor assists recruitment agencies to ensure that only the best candidates are submitted, and the agency’s reputation remains untarnished.

How It Works:

We have a department of dedicated QA Recruiters with strong QA backgrounds who specialize only in QA placements. They are constantly screening candidates to put in our database for clients like you. We gather detailed requirements from you so we can understand exactly who you are looking for. Then we create a series of screening and interview questions based on your requirements and our own vast expertise and experience. Next, we comb through our large database of quality professionals and select the ones that meet your specific needs. Our rigorous 4 step interview process involving multiple QA professionals is performed and we end up with the cream of the crop to send directly to you. Another option that is always available is placing one of our own QA professionals as an in-house consultant for the long or short term.

How it Works

Dedicated recruiters constantly screen candidates and update our database

Detailed requirements from you are matched to pre-screened candidates

In-depth interviews performed using questions specific to your business needs

Cream of the crop are sent directly to you

Full-time resource identification

Our own consultant placement at your facilities

Remote consultants with in US possibilities

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