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Performance Engineering generally has three areas of management: service level, capacity management, and problem management

With all of your competition online now, consistent and high performance of your applications has never been more important.  Doing performance testing is well and good, but it’s only useful if you know what to do afterwards.

Performance Testing identifies the problem – Performance Engineering is the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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End-to-end performance measurement by QA Mentor can

Gauge capability
Pinpoint resource consumption
Assess performance
Measure and fix the right things
Develop cost/benefit analysis
Tells you if specific optimization is worth doing

Useful Metrics We Can Analyze

Error rates
Active user counts
System requests per second
Bytes in/out
CPU and RAM utilization
Database queries
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Whether your objectives are to increase revenue through improved transactions, eliminate late deployments or system reworks, decrease overhead, or avoid additional costs related to hardware acquisitions, QA Mentor is ready and able to be your partner in Performance Engineering. We can offer package pricing on Performance Testing combined with our Performance Engineering and Optimization service as well. Call us today to get started in getting rid of your performance bottlenecks.

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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