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QA Manager on Demand Services

QA Mentor can help you manage your separate project instead of over-burdening your current QA Manager.

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Younger companies that develop software may not yet have a Software Quality Assurance department or processes, leaving QA out of the picture altogether or employing untrained personnel to do double-duty. This type of immature method is extremely risky and inefficient, often resulting in a great deal of production defects.

Creating a QA department or process can be an intimidating task. You could hire a QA Manger to do it for you, but entrusting such a dramatic undertaking to a single individual could be a risky endeavor. What if you hire the wrong person to meet your needs? What if their way of doing things doesn’t quite meet your expectations? The result is that you have an expensive individual employed, hours of time wasted, and inefficient processes in place.

How it Works

– Current processes are evaluated
– Future goals determined
– Appropriate QA Manager evaluated and selected
– QA Manager sets criteria for QA team
– Tools are matched to your needs
– Necessary training performed
– Manager remains onboard as long as needed

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Instead of trusting just one person with your entire QA department and therefore the quality of the production software, let QA Mentor help you. Our QA managers have a minimum of 12+ years of management experience in a wide variety of industries and methodologies. By using our QA Manager On-Demand Service, we can evaluate your current situation, select the best QA Manager from our team that meets your specific needs, draw upon the rest of the team’s experience, and create your QA department and processes for you.

This service is unique because it enables you to get a qualified QA Manager any time you need one. Even if you already have a QA team, it’s possible that a need has arisen for an escalated, one-time project that you don’t have the management resources for. QA Mentor can help you manage your separate project instead of over-burdening your current QA Manager.

Perhaps your current QA Manager has taken an extended leave of absence. You can use QA Mentor’s Manage on-demand service for as little as a month to help fill in the gap without missing a beat. Large or small, short or extended, we can ensure our QA Managers can help you. In as little as one week’s time, our experienced managers can be up to speed and ready to take over.

Common consumers of this service are start-up companies that haven’t established a QA department but don’t yet have the financial resources to employ a full time QA Manager. With our competitive rates, our independent managers can help them get started, create the necessary QA processes and build both onshore and offshore teams. With an impressive ROI, our managers can stay on as long as a year or more to until our client is ready to hire their own. 

Regardless of your circumstance or reason, QA Mentor is here ready, willing, and able to help you through your specific situation. Give us a call and we’ll go through the options with you and help you choose the best one to fulfil your needs.

Your Need

  • Establish QA Department
  • Critical On-Time Project
  • QA Manager On leave
  • Improve Automation or Performance Function

QA Mentor Process

  • Evaluate current state
  • Tool & Techniques
  • Quick to take charge
  • Collaboration with QA Mentor Team

QA Department

  • Best Practices
  • Hire & Onboard best team
  • Training & Monitoring Team
  • Industry Standard process
  • Through Documentation

QA Manager with 12+ year of experience  |  Competitive Rates & Impressive ROI

How it works:

Our team of QA Managers will meet with your key individuals to evaluate your current development processes and goals. A single QA Manager will then be selected to best fit your specific situation. Your new, dedicated QA Manager will determine what is necessary to match your IT team and goals. Using those assessments, they will establish a QA team for you by setting appropriate criteria for hiring, the number of members needed, interviewing applicants, and hiring the most qualified individuals. The QA Manager will draw upon their own experience that of their fellow QA Mentor professionals, and QA Mentor’s unique best practices and methodology to implement the best process suited to your business.

Proper QA tools are necessary for success and your QA Manager will determine the best tools for your current situation and future goals. They will also perform any training necessary for existing or new team members to ensure the selected tools are used efficiently and effectively. All processes will be thoroughly documented and put in place so that easy reference is available as needed. Once your new team is assembled and your new processes in place, the QA Manager will remain on board until their full time replacement is hired or the team can operate independently without immediate supervision.

What QA Mentor Offers


Our managers have decades of experience across multiple domains

Long or short term

Whether you’re hiring your first QA Manager or a temporary replacement due to a leave of absence.

Ready when you need it

In as little as one week’s time

Competitive Rates

you’ll see an impressive ROI

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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