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QA Lab Compatibility Services

Our lab is equipped to test all current mobile environments including Blackberry, Google Android,
Apple iOS, Symbian, Windows, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Bada and Brew.

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The world of one dominating web browser and operating system is behind us. These days we have a handful of top used browsers and new ones being in development right now. The mobile market is taking the world by storm and businesses without mobile compatibility could lose precious sales and marketing advantages. So what is a company to do in the face of so many possible configurations of browsers and versions, operating systems, mobile platforms, and even add-ons and connection speeds that can affect how their public face appears and behaves to the world?

What QA Mentor Offers?

– Software expertise
– Years of experience
– A team that’s always up-to-date on the latest trends
– Proprietary testing infrastructure
– Real devices, not simulators
– The array of tools to use
– Screenshots for defect remediation
– Ready to start immediately

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Mobile Testing

For this fastest growing market, we use the real devices, hands on to ensure certified compatibility.

Cross Browser Testing

Browser testing galore, including popular browser extensions.

Compatibility Testing

We test more than browsers, verifying OS, peripherals, varied bandwidth connections, and databases as well.

Mobile Testing Environments

QA Mentor Lab Compatibility Services

Multi Browser Testing

– All popular browsers, OS versions & service packs
– Add-ins & extensions
– Seasoned tech savvy QA engineers & analysts

Mobile Testing

– Latest mobile devices
– Mobile app testing
– Mobile browser testing
– Usability testing
– Installation testing

Compatibility Testing

– State-of-the-art lab facilities
– Crowdsourcing community
– Multiple OS & versions
– Software compatibility
– Hardware platforms
– Data integrity testing
– Data exchange testing


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