Manual Software Testing Services

Save your valuable resources for new projects by letting QA Mentor handle
your Test Design and Execution for you.

Immediate Benefits

Cut costs by 10-35%
Decreased time to production
Domain experts focusing on your application
Dedicated team from beginning to end
Superior end product
Allow your team to focus on new projects
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How it Works

In-depth Discussions

We talk with key people at your company to determine requirements, current project state, and deadlines

Hand Picked Team

A dedicated team is handpicked to suite your specific business requirements, based on what we learned

Test Plan Built

A comprehensive test plan is built and approved

Test Cases Built

Immediately following the plan, the test cases are completed, mapped to requirements, and grouped by type


Once the application is ready, we’ll execute the test cases and provide daily reports

Defect Remediation

We’ll manage all defects according to a pre-determined process


Our experts will handle all retests and regression tests after defects are fixed

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Common Deliverables

Requirements Traceability Matrix Complete, high level, detailed test case mapping to high and low level requirements
Test Plan A comprehensive Test Plan is the second document to be developed and delivered. This high level plan lays out our company’s understanding of your needs and the effort required to meet them. All necessary resources are explained and validated, as well as a timeline that meets your satisfaction.
Test Cases A complete set of manual test cases that cover every facet of the functionality. These can be delivered in any format you request.
Defect Reports Once manual testing begins, defect reports will be delivered in the manner that you request. That could be end of the day summary reports, constant entry into a web based application, emails, etc.
Status Reports with Metrics Daily status reports are delivered at least once a day and sometimes twice a day depending on the aggressiveness of the schedule and your desires. The metrics provided will list the number of test cases created in each category and their prioritization.

What we need from you

Project Time Line/Expected date for design completion We need to know what you expect so we can create the team appropriate to meet those expectations
Go Live Date Not only do we need to know the Go Live date, but also how firm it is and what the criteria is for pushing the date out
Demo Session A walkthrough of the prototype or mockups will help us familiarize ourselves with the application and ensure a greater understanding
Business Requirements If these exist, they will be a primary means for us to understand the system and create appropriate test plans and test cases
Functional Requirements If these exist, they will be a primary means for us to understand the system and create appropriate test plans and test cases
Architecture Documents This kind of in-depth documentation can help us delve deeper into the system and test it more thoroughly
Sample Test Documentation If you have a preferred format for the Test Plan and Test Cases, we need that template or access to the system you want us to use.
Defect Report Format If you’d like defects reported in a specific manner, we need that format or template, or access to the system you want us to use
Field Dictionary Document Detailed field declaration and validation at both the application level and the associated database fields. This information generally includes the character limit, character type validation, etc for each field in the application.

We’re here when you need us. If you have further questions regarding Manual Testing and Execution Services anything else on our site for that matter, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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