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iOS App Testing Services

To perform app testing, the approach for you to follow is creating a device lab, using UI automation services.

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With the advancement of technology and the accessibility of the internet in almost every household, the dependence on mobile apps has risen exponentially.

From general usage to promoting businesses, applications have become an integral part of our lives. Businesses in any industry cannot thrive in the competitive market if their website does not have a mobile app.

While having a mobile app for your business is a start, it is not adequate. Even the smallest bug or navigation issue in your mobile app will shove you down the ranks in the stack of competition. It is always recommended before you launch your product please do proper software testing.

Why QA Mentor?

– Specialized iOS app testing services executed by dedicated professionals
– Examines your application the same way a hacker would
– Proficient in aggressively attacking application defences to find loopholes and weaknesses
– Use top rated tools
– Abide by best practices set forth by OWASP

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ios app testing services

iOS App Testing Services

If you have created a mobile application for an Apple device, but it fails to deliver satisfactory results, you will suffer in terms of low app store ratings or even app deletion, all resulting in a loss of revenue.

Users today do not have time for iOS apps that contain bugs, that crash, that are slow to respond or are taxing in terms of battery consumption.

Regardless of the platform used to create your iOS app, you can avoid negative user experiences by performing ios testing services.

There are certain factors to consider when developing an iOS app, some of which include –

How will the application perform on an iPhone or an iPad?

Which version of iOS will offer compatibility for your app?

What will be the screen size of the devices on which users will view the app?

To perform app testing, the approach for you to follow is creating a device lab, using UI automation services, or depending on in-house feedback. Each of these testing processes offers their unique set of deterrents.

Different Types Of Testing Offered By QA Mentor

We at QA Mentor believe in delivering nothing but excellence, and thus, we test your iOS app through various phases to ensure that it yields optimum results even when pushed to the limit. Here are the testing stages conducted by our team –

Functional testing

To ensure that your application meets prerequisite requirements

Performance testing

To monitor behaviour under extreme conditions such as reduced network coverage, low battery, or less available storage

Interrupt testing

Ensures that the application function can successfully recover from interruptions that include network outages, text messages, or incoming calls

Installation testing

To authenticate that the installation happens successfully without fail

Laboratory testing

To corroborate the voice or data connections

Memory leakage testing

To demonstrate memory allocation

Usability testing

To establish the seamless usability and learning curve for the end-user 

Certification testing

For compliance certificates to ensure that the application adheres to all protocols established by Apple

You do not have to spend a dime on purchasing pricey Apple mobile devices to evaluate your mobile apps because our team has a highly secured and fully dedicated mobile devices lab.

We also offer time-sensitive testing procedures for time-constraint deliveries if you wish to deploy your iOS app within a short deadline.

Why Choose QA Mentor for Mobile Application Testing Services?

If you wish to evaluate the performance of your iOS app, the best approach is to get it tested from real users on actual devices. Here are some of the many reasons why you should choose QA Mentor to test your iOS applications –


  • QA Mentor not only tests your iOS application but ensures its success, helping you save time and money with a bunch of testing operations performed by professional testers.
  • While some platforms might offer you automated testing solutions or in-house testing solutions, our professional team thoroughly evaluates your iOS application without bias and provides essential feedback on user experience and tips for improvement.
  • Our team emulates real-world users with Apple devices that run different iOS versions globally and under diverse situations. This gesture lets us test the limits of your iOS app.
  • We conduct functional testing, beta testing, automation testing, UI testing, integration testing, and many more when evaluating your iOS app.
  • QA Mentor evaluates your app and tests for security breaches and bug free from the perspective of a hacker. Our team portrays proficiency in aggressively targeting application defenses to discover loopholes.
  • Our team at QA Mentor uses top-rated tools, real devices, and abides by best practices established by OWASP.

The Professional Team @ QA Mentor

Our team does not deliver amateurish results when evaluating your application as we subject it to different scenarios to identify bugs, resolve load time issues, and ensure a seamless user experience.

One of the biggest hurdles when creating an iOS app is that people use different Apple devices globally that run different versions of iOS. This situation can often result in miscalculations for specific devices and lead you to deliver a sloppy user experience.

Our professional team ensures that all end-users enjoy the same app experience, and that the application works as expected in all relevant configurations. We identify bugs before production begins, which can save you a substantial amount of money.

The testers at QA Mentor are a group of professionals who possess –

Substantial iOS testing experience

Profound expertise on potential bugs related to iOS mobile app testing

Experience as software professionals

No biases or expectations of how your app must perform

Ranging from the software development stage to continuous integration of new application features, our professional team performs iOS mobile app testing for you as desired.

Here is a brief idea to demonstrate how we test your iOS apps and squash bugs –

  • Identify the portability requirements
  • Develop portability tests for every requirement
  • Perform tests
  • Note any defects or bugs
  • Retest after making necessary changes

We also provide you with dedicated feedback backed by relevant supporting evidence. We recommend amends and better UI customization options. With our expertise, you can enhance the performance and aesthetic appeal of your application.

iOS App Testing for Mobile Devices | iOS mobile app testing

iOS app testing services for mobile devices might give you the idea of being too pricey or time-consuming; however, at QA Mentor, we offer quality assurance that is affordable and straightforward to help you gather the needed feedback to satisfy and exceed user expectations.

QA Mentor’s Lab Compatibility Services have been designed primarily for vigorous testing of all sorts of iOS apps under not-so-ideal conditions. Our labs do not use simulators but rather actual devices and perform hands-on, to establish certified compatibility. 

With the right tools and expertise in place to begin mobile testing immediately, the professional team at QA Mentor is forever ready to commit to your iOS development project.

If you require iOS app testing services, than we are here for you. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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