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Crowdsourced Testing Services

CrowdSourced Testing offers companies the opportunity to have their products tested by individuals across the world, using many different devices, system configurations, and networks.

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The inherent speed, flexibility, accessibility, and global reach of the internet has helped spark a new kind of testing service that QA Mentor is proud to be a part of. CrowdSourced Testing offers companies the opportunity to have their product tested by a community of testers across the world, using many different devices, system configurations, and networks.  It isn’t possible to have a more ‘real world’ testing scenario than with crowdsourced testing, and QA Mentor makes it easy and cost effective while utilizing vital bug tracking tools, testing platforms, and presenting comprehensive test results.

First, a basic primer on this new and developing model of testing. In crowdsourced testing, the ‘crowd’ is a group of individuals across all walks of life, numerous countries, multiple languages and cultures, real devices, and a myriad of skills and domain knowledge. QA Mentor has access to 12000 high quality testers in over 180 countries, and our team is still growing. Our ‘crowd’ is comprised of testing professionals from varied backgrounds who use different devices, software and hardware configurations, and access the internet on different network types and speeds. Testers join crowdsourced projects for the opportunity to be a part of interesting projects and assignments, while clients utilize such teams for their unique and varied perspectives. Social media is even being eyed for potential leverage in crowdsourced testing and many groups involved in this model can see social media integration occurring in the not-to-distant future.

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While this strategy certainly can’t and won’t replace more traditional testing, crowdsourced testing services complement other models by giving participants more exposure prior to a production release. Obscure and residual defects are more likely to be located, especially as they relate to hardware, software, and network configurations. Also, there are specific scenarios where crowdsourced testing is the optimal choice for a primary testing style. For instance, applications that allow or even focus on users’ preference selections are ideal candidates for crowdsourced testing models. QA Mentor Crowd Sourcing Testing Services Model as below.

QA Mentor Crowd Sourcing Testing Services

The benefits to this model are manifold. Crowdsourced testing offers unparalleled access to a large number of testers on demand, with rapid and easy scalability. By being able to send your product to a group of testers in a moment’s notice, and ramp or down the number of testers engaged at any one time, you can decrease your time to market, maximize your ROI, and provide higher quality end products to your customers. The real-world scenarios and real-world conditions used by such a diverse team of testing professionals helps to ensure your product is usable by the highest number of consumers with fewer issues. Led by an experienced test lead from QA Mentor, the crowd testing team operates within a set of parameters determined by you and a system of checks and balances managed by us to guarantee a positive experience.

The flexibility of crowdsourced testing doesn’t stop with the team. QA Mentor has pricing options to suit most budgets. We can determine pricing per testing cycle, or per defect found. Also, it’s easy to combine this service with any of our other testing services and create a blend of traditional and new age to maximize the cost effectiveness, scale, and overall quality.

The model won’t work for everyone. Applications that have an inherent high level of security may not be good candidates for crowdsourced testing. While testers are screened by QA Mentor and we aim to select only those with the best experience and work ethics, it could still be difficult to maintain the tight security of financial and banking applications while opening it up to a global testing cycle. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, and if you have questions about this aspect, please contact us to discuss your specific situation and we will be happy to evaluate its security requirements as they related to crowdsourced testing.

Testing types suitable for crowdsourced testing services

Functional Testing

Just like any other testing model, crowd sourced testers can be given functional test cases and systematically work through them to verify that functionality works as expected.

Localization Testing

This kind of testing benefits greatly from crowd sourced testing since multiple language usage is inherent across the crowd. Testers can verify grammar for just about any language and make sure the application is adapted to local markets.

Usability Testing

With the diverse feedback available, usability testing is probably the most applicable type of testing for model. Testers can offer insights and suggestions based on cultures, experiences, and domains that span the globe.

Compatibility Testing

Crowd sourced testers are all using different devices – from varied mobile devices and networks, pcs and macs, and different software and hardware configurations. Compatibility testing is given when utilizing crowd sourced testing.

Translation Testing

With 80 different countries and as many languages, translation testing is a breeze using crowd sourced testing. Similar to the Localization Testing, Translation Testing can be completed by native speakers of the necessary languages making translations easier and more accurate.

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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