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BA CoE Establishment Services

When a product or Software Development Lifecycle reaches a certain maturity, Business Analysis demands a more professional approach. BA CoE helps large companies achieve increased quality, efficiency, and performance by using their current tools and people in smarter ways.

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BA CoE Establishment Services

It’s an established fact that few companies have an organized Business Analysis & Requirement Engineering approach or process in place. This is surprising as we are neglecting a very important step of converting random ideas into structured requirements. It’s high time you take your Business Analysis & Requirement Engineering process to the next level by setting up a BA Center of Excellence (BA CoE).

QA Mentor will help you with all facets of establishing a BA CoE which typically revolves around Core BA Services, BA Metrics, BA Team organization & roles, BA Processes & Methodology, BA Tools & Templates, and Training.

How it Works

A BA CoE establishment is done in phases and QA Mentor will be with you throughout the journey, guiding you with our expertise. The Process starts by using QA Mentor’s years of experience to perform a gap analysis on existing BA & RE process. This is followed by an assessment to identify challenges within the company that could be best addressed by the BA CoE and establish the goals you want to achieve.

There will be a 12-month implementation roadmap and QA Mentor will provide step by step instructions on how to integrate the BA CoE into your business and establish KPIs. If needed, QA Mentor will place a highly qualified Sr. Business Analyst to help in these initiatives. To increase visibility and trust with the rest of the organization, a regular communication plan will be implemented.

Instead of each team using different tools, the BA CoE model strives to centralize the tools so that each team has the same access. To aid in tool consolidation and centralization of process, QA Mentor will help you identify which of your current tools could remain and be used by everyone, and which tools are required to bring in-house.

QA Mentor will guide you in defining roles for team members within the BA CoE. Ideally, the BA CoE core team members are selected from an existing pool of resources. Occasionally, specific skill sets are necessary and additional staff or training will need to be done to augment the BA CoE Core Team. This core team can include the following:

Product Manager/ Delivery Manager/ Product Owner/ BA Manager

Requirement Engineers

BA CoE Coordinators

Senior Business Analysts

QA Lead/ QA Process Consultant

Strategic Benefits

1. Process standardization
2. Proper management of large size projects
3. Faster Time to Market
4. Control over the process and strategy
5. Improved response time to new requests or changes
6. Continuous improvement

Project Delivery Benefits

1. Delivery using the ‘Right’ implementation approach
2. Defined controls and process governance
3. Industrialized assets increase reusability
4. Control over resource planning
5. Measurable KPIs to indicate the status of the project
6. Proper documentation and communication plan

BA CoE helps large companies achieve increased quality, efficiency, and performance by using their current tools and people in smarter ways. Contact us now to get started right away on your own Testing Center of Excellence and see for yourself what we can do for you.

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