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These services are designed to adapt QA Agile methodologies for companies trying to make the transition from waterfall.

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For years now Agile has been growing in popularity while the traditional waterfall methods fall to the wayside. The hesitation that many companies have in switching to Agile systems not from the lack of trust in the methodology’s ability to deliver on its promises, but rather from the fear that making the transition will be too expensive, volatile, or will ultimately fail.  Many businesses just don’t know where to start in making the switch, and they know that taking a leap of faith without the proper knowledge or know-how could result in drastic losses.

That’s where QA Mentor’s Agile Transformation QA Services come in. These services are designed to adapt QA Agile methodologies for companies trying to make the transition from waterfall. We understand the unique challenges involved in making such a drastic change in methodology. Training testers to look at testing differently, asking the right questions, and implementing efficient processes without slowing down current development can be devastating to a team if not done properly. Our QA professionals have years of experience not only in using the various Agile methodologies but also in helping other company’s teams make the switch.

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With our services your team will learn techniques on how to obtain test requirements by asking the right questions based on proprietary checklists and draw out required details in order to build test cases much earlier than before. We’ll recommend tools to help streamline the process and make the Agile transformation a smooth and easy experience.  We’ll teach your team how and when to automate for Agile projects, how to keep up with regression testing, and how to build continuous integration into the overall process.

Using adaptive methods, our professionals dedicate themselves to finding the right Agile approach for your company, train your team new techniques, and recommend the right tools for the job. Whether your team is interested in Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Scrum, Kanban, or any of the other Agile-based methodologies, QA Mentor can help you find the right approach and implement it seamlessly into your team’s development process.

Some of what you can expect with these services:

  • Detail and in-depth analysis of your legacy process
  • Gap analysis
  • Analysis report and recommendations for the best suited Agile model
  • Implementation support
  • Agile tools expertise with the most popular Agile tools such as JIRA, Zephyr, or qTest
  • Close collaboration with the development team
  • Quick transformation of evaluations into a working Agile Test Plan/Strategy
  • Improved delivery speed

With all these, QA Mentor’s Agile Transformation QA services is all set to offer you reduced delivery time, a high ROI, improved quality, and a more efficient process.

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