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With 25 different services in and around the Software QA domain, QA Mentor is your one-stop shop for all of your QA needs. Many of our services are unique to QA Mentor, and such variety is offered by no other company in the world. From subscription to on-demand services, to in-depth training seminars provided by our own CEO, we are positioned to provide your company with skills and information that aren’t taught in any books.

Without a single line of code written, you can use our Static Testing service to perform earlier testing and ensure quality from the beginning. Our unique Architecture Inspection Service isn’t offered anywhere else but contributes towards the overall quality of the application, performance improvements, and scalability. If you need extra QA resources or a hand in finding or assessing applicants, our Recruitment and Staffing, Candidate Interview Assessment, and QA Manager on-Demand Services are here to assist you. Maybe you need an experienced team of QA professionals to answer the inevitable QA domain questions to help guide your team, such as with our Advisory Support Services. Our QA testing services cover the full product development cycle.

If security is your concern, and it should be, you should check out our Security Testing Services and rest easy with our system security certifications. Tool evaluations and recommendations, environment management, and of course performance testing and engineering, other various software QA services – QA Mentor does it all.

QA Services for Android Applications

Quality Assurance services are an essential aspect of software development products, especially applications, to continually improve the existing workflows of product development so that higher efficiencies and better quality can be ultimately achieved. 

QA Mentor’s offshore testing QA services help you deliver high-quality software at the end of the day. We are a one-stop shop for all your QA needs. Our expertise in complete QA testing services covers the full spectrum of application development and peripheral services like training, recruitment, and even packaged QA solutions.

It’s hard to find a solution that’s more than just A to Z, right? QA Mentor’s exhaustive coverage of all associated services in the realm of QA makes us a singular QA service provider. Whether strategized services or on-demand services, QA Mentor has your back.

How Can QA Mentor Benefit Your Business?

QA Mentor is a reliable name in the quality assurance sector with 93 awards in the industry, making us a leader-breed in 12 locations across the globe. QA outsourcing to us brings you a load of superior advantages that other players in the industry may not guarantee.

We Have Experience on Our Backs

Our entire workforce comprises industry-certified professionals who know tricks of the trade through experience and theory, giving us the sharp edge of knowledge and its correct application.

We Stay Updated

The best software practices can only be inculcated into your workflows when you know about the latest developments in the market – we make it our business to get you the benefit of the latest methodologies. This, in turn, helps you create bug-free applications by uprooting the loopholes as they occur before the final test run.

We also provide automated testing, keeping pace with the latest trends.

We Are Flexible

Every client has unique needs from software and applicable testing and setting up environments. We are an open ear to your needs and specificities so your developmental functions can continue without much disruption. Our customized solutions provide you with just the services you need.

We Are on the Same Team as Our Clients

The firm belief that benefits to you are benefits to use is the prime driving force that makes us put our 200% into testing effort (and whatever other service is needed).

Partnering with us will bring you more than just reliability and quality – a promise of better products in the market.

QA Mentor’s Software Testing Processes

We ensure that the final products that you deliver are the best-in-class by imbuing the following practices in our testing efforts.

  • Our testing objective is aligned with the fact that every user must have the same app experience.
  • The testing functions we perform are focused on the technical aspect of the app, helping you achieve validation on the functional requirements from the app.
  • Testing multiple devices to isolate the operating system that triggers a bug or whether it is RAM-related.
  • Test iterations to ensure all bugs are caught and removed before the app rolls out.
  • Providing feedback on app development and creating detailed logs of the process to track the workflow. This helps identify the practices that may be causing the software to malfunction.

If you are in the process of developing an Android app, book software testing with a QA Mentor to get the best out of your development.

What are the types of testing we provide?

Functional testing

Performance testing

Security Testing

Compatibility Testing

Mobile Testing

Integration Testing

Usability testing

Certification testing

Games Testing

ETL Testing

Database Testing

Big Data Testing

Load Testing

Stress Testing

Penetration Testing

Awards & Recognitions in Software Testing Services

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