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QA Mentor Helps Clients Optimize Apps and Websites

The technology industry has made leaps and bounds in the last decade- in fact, so much that it’s hard to make sure all the new software and hardware available is safe and of good quality.

Application testing has become vital in recent years to ensure that a platform is safe whether it be with location services or cybersecurity, and that the app is top-notch.

After spending months and thousands of dollars on an app, it’s vital to make sure that the final project is functional and secure. That’s where we come in- you would never buy a house or car without knowing it’s safe and useable, so why would you do that with an app?

We have client testimonials to demonstrate our success in application testing, and we are proud to show them off!

Our clients recently left us reviews on Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm on DC which connects businesses! Our reviews have helped us become a top software testing firm! Our Founder and CEO has a few words regarding such a great accomplishment:

“There is nothing more important for us than customer complete satisfaction which our corporate mission and that’s why they are so important for our team as positive reviews show us appreciation from our customers which boost up and motivate us even more. They represent fruits of our work and when we see a customer happy it is equivalent to a victory for us or winning a final game. It signals we are on the right track but we should not stop and relax, we need to continue to raise a customer satisfaction score higher and higher.” – Founder & CEO

 We recently worked with a web development company to provide quality assurance services, supplementing their in-house team as need be.

apps and website

As you can see, the QA Manager at the company has said that our work has been vital for them and had a great positive impact as well!

“Their responsiveness impresses me the most.”- QA Manager, web development company

 Our work with the web development company is just one example of our success, visit our website to view our full range of clients!

Our work has additionally be featured on The Manifest, a business news site, which has ranked us among the top software testing companies.

You can also find our portfolio items on Visual Objects, a platform for visual and creative design firms!

We want to thank our amazing clients once again for always working with us to create such amazing results! We operate for our clients, so we are so glad to see they are satisfied with our work.


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