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QA Lab: Fundamental Test Process

What is a fundamental test process? In fact, a process is a series of actions, observations, and decisions taken together to achieve desirable results. Some of the works can be carried out in parallel, while others should be implemented in sequence. Certain activities can pursue a common goal, but the skills and the technologies used to perform them will not necessarily be the same. For example, one of the processes is the process of managing the configuration of the program’s version to be tested. It involves selecting configuration components, the introduction of amendments to the build, the build process, preparation of the installation disc for this version, a configuration of the new test version and execution of acceptance testing. QA lab represents special premises equipped with advanced technology tools to execute successful tests.

1. The testing team always resorts to this manual or automated process while at work. A clearly defined approach to iterative processes helps to effectively and consistently perform daily duties associated with conducting a variety of tests. For example, it is necessary to create a bug report after each test.

2. The process affects the ability of testers to work together, especially when the process disturbance can destroy a cohesive, friendly QA team. For example, if the testing team runs a set of tests, the process should allow the person to allocate specific tasks, avoiding duplication of work. Web application testing services focus on the proper functionality of web apps.

3. The process is carried out by staff that shares the same rank, or higher-ranking employees. The testing team members, properly handling the visible processes, gain a reputation as reliable and competent specialists capable of doing teamwork successfully. For example, in preparing test execution reports testers must submit the leadership and staff with the same level of responsibility, the information on the work done so as to most effectively inform them about testing, identified problems and make it clear that testing is valuable as such.

4. Failure to correctly use the process may lead to serious, possibly, long-lasting negative consequences. Let us consider the process of determining features for a particular software product to be tested. If the test with wrong goals misses defects that are most crucial for the customer it will cause at least confusion in the company and an increase in costs, and some types of systems may constitute an even physical danger for the customer. User interface testing services contribute to identifying defects in the graphical user interface to ensure its proper functionality.

In short, the fundamental processes directly and substantially affect the ability of the testing team to provide information and services important from organizational, operational and technological points of view.


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