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QA Lab: Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is type of testing meant to verify whether a web site or web application works correctly on the most popular real browsers, mobile devices, tablets, differently sized screens.

Cross-browser testing is a critical part of each software development process. Indeed, visual appearance of a website and its design, namely how it is displayed on a particular device, matter much to the customer.  

As usual, cross-browser testing is performed in a specialized laboratory that is QA lab. This office is equipped with necessary testing tools which facilitate the process.  

Characteristics of cross-browser testing

Cross-browser testing of website starts with choosing a web browser. The client himself determines what web browsers the web-based application will be working in. But the goal of the program’s developer and a software tester is to let the Client know which is the main browser, learn the statistics on work of such applications in the web browsers, find out what browsers are used by the target audience.

Cross browser testing services are provided using specialized tools to check any website’s browser compatibility. They help to assess websites or web apps through a variety of web browsers. This testing means that the apps run smoothly on all versions of web browsers.

As a rule, the testers deal with the most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.

There are the main aspects to test: page proofs (color, character fonts, position of graphic images and dynamic elements) and JavaScript.

It is worth mentioning that cross browser testing needs to be conducted when the system is stable and all the functionality is debugged, otherwise different errors will be occurring and these will not be cross browser errors. And, this may involve extra financial expenses.  

To check an app for compatibility with web browsers you may use online service and utilities. Such a testing allows you to have ready screenshots, i.e. your web site will be displayed in various browsers, and then, you just need to compare the results and examine them.

Ghostlab is a cross browser testing tool that provides simultaneous testing of web pages scrolling, button clicks, build updates on any of your devices, so you can check all the user experience.

BrowserStack is also designed for multi-platform testing services delivery, it provides “live” testing of web browser with instant access to each desktop or mobile browser, allows to check local and internal servers, ensuring secure installation.


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