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QA Consulting Companies: What is Requirements Testing?

What is the defined as requirement?

One should necessarily gather requirements and prepare documentation before starting any project.

Requirement is a description of how an application should work in order to meet user expectations.

QA consulting companies offer full range of services from defining the most effective testing techniques to managing project/product development or delivery.

If you find the information on what are requirements in old literature which was published 20-30 years ago you will note that there is no word about users, their needs and the functions of an app that can be of interest to them. It looks like that the user has nothing to do with software products. Nowadays, such an approach is inacceptable, because an application will not be successfully launched in the saturated market if it is deployed without functions that matter to the primary audience. At that, it leads to increase in testing and development costs.

Independent software testing is basically carried out by the team that is not involved in the development process, because it devotes all its energies to the verification process.

The importance of requirements

Requirements is an essential part of every project. They – substantially as a starting point to determine what software product will be designed, developed and released. It is not necessary to have a genius mindset to clearly realize that if there is something wrong with the requirements then there can be problems with the project, and, as a result, this will have adverse effect on the release itself.

Describing the importance of requirements Brain Hanks emphasizes that they:

  • Make it possible to understand how the system is expected to behave
  • Allow to evaluate the consequences of possible changes and manage these changes
  • Can be considered as the foundation for project planning and also test planning
  • Help to prevent or resolve conflict situations
  • Simplify task sequence process
  • Let assess the degree of progress in development of the project

Success of the manufactured product depends on the project requirements.

QA services are extremely useful when it comes to defining the requirements and examining Agile models with respect to management of these requirements.

Regardless of agile method used in software development project, testing should start as early as possible in order to avoid potentially costly and time-consuming problems associated with production process.


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