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QA Company: Marketing Activity, Documenting, Testing In Product Design Phase

Marketing Activity

First of all, in the design phase, product requirements are developed internal and external product parts are elaborated. At the same time, the personnel of marketing department is doing active research work. Its purpose is to help designers of the product to create a compelling product vision, by gathering maximum possible information on the market requirements and the users’ needs. For this purpose, the potential users of the product are divided into small discussion groups, which are invited to discuss its capabilities, often based on the example of the program’s prototype. QA company provides professional quality assurance services to businesses of all sizes to help them increase their profits, sales and reduce costs.


In this phase, some documentation groups help to develop the product requirements specification. Meanwhile, web testing company is eager to monitor your web apps for potential bugs which cause the websites to disappoint their visitors.


If you are lucky, you are prompted to review the project documents once they are created. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the product and start planning your own work.

Software tester can find certain defects in the project documentation. But, in fact, testers rarely express any comments on the product’s quality. They would rather use the opportunity to early familiarize themselves with the program. If you still find yourself actively involved in the design process, you are welcome to refer to the books from authors such as Gause & Weinberg, 1989.

If the company strictly follows the principle of the waterfall model, review of the project documentation for the user interface may be the only option for you to change something in this area. In this case, you should take the matter seriously and analyze the product design carefully. Contact your technical support group for statistical information on the costs associated with failures in the user interface of previous digital products developed by this company. This will help prove your management that the time you are going to spend on analysis of the project documentation, will be well spent. Performance testing companies care for flawless work of software applications – they will give these products a competitive edge.


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