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Professional Skills and Knowledge to Seek When It Is Time to Hire Software Tester

What do potential employees need to know before going to the job interview?  What can the newbies learn on the fly?

Most companies look to hire software tester who has a certain set of personality traits besides professional skills. Such a job seeker gets more chances of being employed by a software company and making an excellent testing specialist in the nearest future.

The qualities are as follows:

  • enhanced responsibility and can-do attitude;
  • good communication skills, the ability to express own thoughts clearly, quickly and plainly;
  • patience, assiduity, attention to details, a quick eye;
  • good abstract reasoning and analytical skills;
  • the ability to conduct atypical experiments, passion for exploratory activity.

Despite the fact that it is hard to find a person with all these skills, it is always useful to have a certain personal development target.

Below are the data squeezed from the competency mapping developed for the software testing group. All the skills can be nominally divided into 3 parts:

  1. Professional – these are the very key skills of software testers which differ from that of IT specialists’.
  2. Technical – basic skills in the IT sector a software tester must have.
  3. Personal – interpersonal communication skills that let easily come in contact with all co-workers and, as a result, help to develop a cohesive team.

Piece of advice: while getting familiar with the competency checklist presented below, you should consider inconceivable things, look for additional knowledge on them and make yourself understand though what the given information is about.

Dedicated testing team is the best choice for any sized organization as it helps to ensure the highest quality of software products, even if these are the most complicated ones. The members have the necessary skill-set and even more  –  unique mental structure and the capability to be versatile at work.

Subject area Initial level Junior / middle specialist
Software testing and development processes


Software testing

some knowledge on software testing/ development Deep understanding of software testing stages,relationship and interdependence between  their interaction, ability to adapt to work assignment depending on a testing stage.
Software development process Сommon understanding of software development process models, relationships between them and testing processes, the ability to prioritize own work depending on project development stage

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