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Performance Testing vs. Performance Engineering: Quick Guide

The reporting metrics in Performance Testing are related to system performance such as,

  • Server throughput
  • Supported concurrent user load
  • Transaction response time
  • And more

Also, it gives clear information related to hardware and software performance metrics such as,

  • Server resource utilization
  • Code performance
  • Browser performance
  • And more

The core objective of performing Performance Testing is to identify the bugs and issues in the performance of an application while it is put in the real time use cases. The Software Performance Testing gives clear information about the responsiveness of the software in both, qualitative and quantitative metrics. The software engineers performing the Performance Testing may need to carry out layered testing to identify all possible bottlenecks in the software. There are three different layers considered to be tested as part of Performance Testing:

  • Presentation Layer (Web Server)
  • Business Layer (Application Server)
  • Data Layer (Database)

Software testing engineer performs performance testing with basis straight forward analysis on different layers to assure the best performance of the software.

Performance Engineering

It is a discipline that is carried out throughout different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to meet predefined performance criteria. It involves systematic practices, activities and techniques. Based on the requirement, the Performance Engineering defines the system performance standards. Performance Engineering is performed proactively during each phase of the SDLC, starting from the requirement finalization. Even if a ready to test system is not available, there are some techniques available to test the performance of the system, which are used by a software testing company to measure the performance of the software to be developed.

The Performance Engineering assures that the proposed solution will meet the set performance expectation from the very first stage of development. It will also avoid cases of scrapping and rewriting code at the end while the software is fully developed. This will save a lot of time and resources. Also, it assures to meet the launch deadline.

Performance Engineering and Performance Testing compliments each other with providing required metrics for analysis in case software is not performing up to the mark.

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