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Outsourcing from the Developer’s Point of View

Whether or not to undertake the outsourcing projects of software development? If the company is specialized on some area (e.g., testing or creation of documentation), all its projects are parts of the projects of other companies. But to the company-contractor with a business model, that is originally targeted for participation in foreign projects, with the right positioning of their services on the market it is possible to get certain benefits from positive recommendations of the customer to co-marketing, emphasizing the important role of the contractor in the project. In the end, while achieving some success in implementing of similar projects for such company it is possible the gradual acquisition of the supplier’s reputation of unique and high quality services, the use of which is not hidden by customers, but on the contrary is prestigious. In this case, the company finds a very specialized niche on the market and become a monopoly there and that will dramatically increase the profitability of the company for a certain period.

So, the software testing in the well-proven company in this field is itself a good marketing move, confirming the high quality of the tested product. At least a good marketing move is considered the writing of product documentation by well-known author of the books and publishing it in well-known and prestigious publishing house – to such stocks now and often resort  the developers of popular business applications, and some major Western companies, that output the localized versions of their products on the market.

The less profitable of the custom works from the strategic point of view, is the writing of the secondary code, especially in the context of the conclusion of the confidentiality agreement. With the help of such activity, you can earn some money, and, perhaps, to acquire useful knowledge, but as a rule, such work does not allow you to carry out the marketing of your own activities or to rely on the purchase of recognized reputation and fame. Therefore, such activity can be recommended to companies who start their activities on the market and who are in desperate need of any orders. But the well known and stable companies can examine the creation of “uninteresting” code mainly as sideline mean of employment temporarily idle staff.

In general, with proper project organization of software development, you can pass to outsourcing a fairly significant part of it. With a prudent approach in the choice of activities that are transferred to third party software testing services, you can save your own strategic advantages and considerable funds that are spent on the non-core activities of the company.

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