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The software community is on the brink of accelerating changes as DevOps practices, agile development methodologies and AI gradually, but surely, phase out legacy approaches. But while this is a fantastic development on the one hand, it’s also perplexing on the other. There’s no doubt that enterprises can’t competently respond to the need for greater speed and the rise in complexity of application categories with single-tiered systems that ruled supreme for years.

Yet, tighter deadlines mean that DevOps teams are often pressured to go into production with applications dotted with defects, which can develop into tomorrow’s security issues and lead to costly security breaches. To fight hackers’ deceptive sophistication and increasing agility, companies must install an application security (AppSec) testing framework that will remediate vulnerabilities without depleting time and development resources. If your organization hasn’t yet implemented one, consider adopting the following list of best practices to keep hackers at bay.

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