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What Tests Must Be Performed to Test API Effectively?

API aka Application Program Interface is an individual piece of code that can be used to perform certain functions. The API can have a set of protocols, tools, and routines. The beauty of the API is it can be developed once and then be used multiple times. It means the same API can be integrated into multiple solutions to make that software perform the desired action. You can consider it as an independent module that takes certain input and gives predefined output. It gets designed and developed in a way that it can give the same performance and result in different environments. As you can see API plays a very important role, so it must be tested with the best testing practices. Software testing companies perform different types of tests on the API to test its quality. This article shares some of the must perform tests on the API to assure its quality.

Functional Testing with Automation

The top software testing companies run various types of functional tests such as negative testing and positive testing to examine the functional accuracy of the software. As mentioned earlier, it accepts certain inputs and provides specific output. Thus, the QA experts run black box testing with both, positive and negative values to examine result accuracy of the API. To make the process faster to test a lot of different inputs, the testing companies use automation over manual testing.

White Box Testing

This demands strong development skills at the tester end as he needs to review the code of the API to see its accuracy. The tester also needs to explain the bugs in the coding to the developer, so the bugs can be fixed.

Integration Testing

The API is supposed to work with different types of software and hardware environment. Thus, the top software testing companies run integration tests to check if the API works with the same accuracy after integration or not. This type of testing also covers installation testing, configuration testing, and compatibility testing.

Performance Testing

Last but not the least, the QA experts evaluate the performance of the API and software after API integration. The API may need to serve multiple calls concurrently, so the performance testing aims to test the volume it can handle as well as the benchmark performance under different types of scenarios. Load, reliability and stress testing are also performed as part of this test.

This is the brief of must perform tests on the APIs to assure its functionality. Also, these tests help in understanding the strengths and limitations of the API under different environment.

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