Performance Testing Methodology

It requires strategic planning and experienced testers to execute correctly. The results also need to be reviewed and interpreted by seasoned testers and engineers.

Everyone wants their web or mobile application to have an ever increasing number of visitors and transactions, resulting in increasing revenue. However, not nearly enough put the time, thought, and effort into in-depth performance testing to ensure that the applications can handle the numbers they are trying to drive to it.

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Performance Testing Should

  • Not be an afterthought
  • Be performed by professionals
  • Be strategically planned

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Test Plans Should Include

  • Connections that will be used
  • Number of servers and their specifications
  • Number of requests, users, or transactions
  • Testing tools
  • Test scenarios
  • Ramp up period

  • File sizes
  • Think time
  • Failure criteria
  • Success criteria
  • Reporting tools

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Executing the Plan

Phase I

Unit Test

Generally this phase of performance testing is completed by developers after they complete components and before integrating them.Testing and fixing at this stage is much easier and less expensive.

Phase II

Application Integration Load Test

This phase is a full load test using the planned number of users to simulate an expected production load. For best results, the test is performed twice. At this point we should be able to identify any bottlenecks and begin performance tuning.

Phase III

Production Staging Load Test

This phase of load testing is where we really see how the application handles in a shared environment where resources are in competition. We turn up the heat in this phase and make sure the system can handle the expected production traffic.

Phase IV

Capacity Assessment

This phase determines the system’s breaking point. The information obtained during this test will aid in capacity planning for the future of the application.

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