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Major Must Know iOS App Testing Hacks

iOS, the classiest mobile platform, is still awarded as the mobile platform with the most glitches. According to the NVD (National Vulnerability Database) report, iOS has three times more bugs than Android. One obvious fact is, these bugs are in the third-party apps. Your iOS app can join this hall of dishonor by not detecting all bugs and hitting the app store.

So, what’s the solution?

Simple, apply the best practices to perform thorough mobile app testing. We, QA Mentor, are one of the best QA companies that perform deep iOS application testing. Based on our experience and expertise, we have jotted down three major mobile application testing tips which your QA testing experts or QA Testing Company must use.

1. Use Perfect Blend of Automation and Manual Testing

It’s been evident that both automation and manual testing have their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is important to use a perfect blend of both,

  1. Automation Testing and
  2. Manual Testing

The automation testing will work amazingly to test defects that are not so evident during manual testing such as, testing functional capabilities of an iOS application. On the other hand, manual testing is more effective to test nuances of user experience and navigation of the mobile app from the end user perspective. There are many companies that use automation testing only to save time, but remember the automation testing can’t effectively locate the aesthetic defects and hurdles in better user experience which can be a major contributor of the app failure.

2. Test it for all

This is a thumb rule to assure the best QA testing service for an iOS application. You must test it for all different types of users who might be using it. This demand to use reliable tools such as, Spectra, Appium, etc. as well as experienced QA testing experts. Don’t leave any loose string. Even if you perform emulated testing, you must perform software testing on actual iOS devices. Make sure to test the performance in different environments such as,

  • In case of low battery or internet connection
  • In case of the oldest/newest model of iPhone or iPad

Also thoroughly test to see the appetite of the app, i.e., how much battery and data it consumes while running in the background and actively; how an app reacts if it is forcefully stopped.

In a nutshell, you need to make sure the iOS app testing is covering all functional, non-functional and aesthetic tests to find and resolve all possible bugs.

3. Become the notorious hackers

Security is one of the biggest concerns in the mobile app testing process. The QA experts need to think like a hacker and need to attack the iOS app with all possible attempts. You can also read top tips to hack an iOS app available online and try on the app that is under testing process. This is required to assure the app is 99.99% hackproof.  If there is something which can’t be tested, just change it. Make sure the code is clean and short because complex codes are actually prone to hacking. Also, it makes recovery difficult.

These are the top 3 tips to assure that the iOS app testing is up to the mark and you are not leaving any loose string or defects to frustrate users or delight hackers. The best QA testing service for iOS app includes a lot more than the listed 3 tips and we can help you to launch a secure and reliable iOS app with our mobile app testing service. Contact us to discuss more in detail.


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