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Magic of Game Testing Services

Game testing technique thrives on 3 main things – so-called three pillars: technical expertise, agile responsiveness, smooth communication. Each game is carefully analyzed for its features prior to development of customized testing strategy.

Game testing services ensure the highest quality of video game by analyzing it from different angles in order to identify slack of any kind no matter how small in size it may be.

Even the best projects can have errors and defects. Functional game testing is designed to find and eliminate bugs in the application not only during beta testing phase or but also after the game has been made available to the end users.

The testers must be passionate about gaming and have excellent gaming experience to understand how to uncover defects in game application. A game tester must also know how to write test cases and be able to run tests meeting tight deadlines and making use of existing resources.

It is not enough just to find a bug, more importantly, – correctly classify the severity of the defect and clearly explain it to a programmer. For this purpose, the following bug tracking systems are used: Bugzilla, Jira, GNATS and others. These allow to provide as maximum information on the bug as possible and keep track of all reported bugs.

It is a great honor for most game testing companies to conduct top notch testing processes and outstanding quality control. At the end, they prepare well-defined and thorough bug reports to assure maximum effectiveness and minimum waste of time in years to come.  

As a rule, the organizations run game applications on a variety of platforms whether it be a personal computer, mobile devices or consoles. One and the same video game works differently on different platforms and each version of the game may have absolutely unique defects.

Game testers use necessary hardware in their work: the newest game computers, add-ons, mobile devices. In fact, these specialists do marvels – they cope with the most complicated tasks managing to make any game playable.

As an example of their professional competence there is an action-packed game – first person shooter.  

The assignment: Localization and testing of the multiplayer game – Walking War Robots.

Process: Work on the game included all the stages ranging from translation to beta tests. Every phase required corresponding specialists that were found and involved in the work. The game was designed for famous platform therefore all its characteristics were considered and necessary technical equipment was employed.

The result: The game was not only localized to several languages but also tested during all beta test phases with involvement of the players interested in the product, as testers. During some months the company was searching for bugs in the app and translating the material for technical support department.

Game testing service is provided to customers all over the world therefore you always have a chance to ensure that your game application does not suffer from performance leaks and is explorable, robust and fun!


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