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Localization Testing and Its Major Benefits

There are two different types of applications:

  1. Ones that target a specific region and
  2. Ones that target more than one region.

In both cases, the localization testing plays an important role. The localization testing is not only about linguistics; it is also about traditions, common herd behavior and many other similar factors. QA and software testing experts perform an extensive research on the targeted regions to create highly specific test cases for the application. This non-functional software testing is critical and complex when you are targeting multiple demographics. For example, if you are launching software in both, the USA and China, your app must meet the standards of both target audiences. If there is anything wrong, it will create hurdles in the adoption and success of your software.

Key factors to be tested critically during localization testing are listed below:

  • Currency
  • Symbols
  • Translation
  • Navigation and keyboard usage
  • Avatars, objects, and graphics
  • User Interface
  • And more

A good software testing company uses local software testing experts to perform localization testing. We, QA Mentor, have our offices in 8 different countries worldwide and we have experts in localization testing which give us a competitive edge. We have benefited many clients with our localization testing services. You, too, can leverage a plethora of benefits by using the best localization testing service offered by the best software testing companies like us.

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of localization testing:

  • Detecting defects in early stage and launching a high quality software
  • Reduction in test time
  • Hitting the market with the best user experience
  • Win the hearts of locals by providing regional language support
  • Keeping it simple with user specific time, date and other parameters
  • Increase adoption ratio
  • Increase brand popularity as a Global Brand
  • And more

Winning the hearts of locals can help in touching the new sky of success in your business. Big companies always capture individual markets, for an instance, Logitech has launched a Hindi Keyboard to capture Hindi users. Localization can get you earn more business and authority. This can’t be achieved without the best localization testing service. So make sure to get your software thoroughly tested by the best QA testing company because the best QA testing company will have required tools, expert QA engineers, professional software testers and years of experience.

We, QA Mentor, are one of the top QA companies in the world. Connect with us and we will share how we and our expert QA testing services can help you grow faster.


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