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Load Testing for DevOps Application

Application developers can use load testing to determine the impact of intensive use and loads.

They can then apply an auto-scaling function to meet the identified needs of the application.

There are several tools for testing applications that can be used for testing the applications under simulated load by users. The services are the part of BlazeMeter platform and are based on the Apache JMmeter project. Having determined the reaction of your application on the script of load testing with the use of Blazemeter or similar tool, you can better understand how and when to use the available tools of scaling the application.

The example of Java EE CloudTrader application is used. The reader can also use CloudTrader – or one of his own applications. All that is required – the application should be deployed and launched, and you should be able to run the application from a web browser with access to the account of this application.

So we have learned how to use one of the available load testing services of DevOps applications for the direct testing of application on the work under load from users, and how to use the DevOps Auto scaling service to dynamical scaling of the application in order to increase the productivity, to improve the response time, the rational use of resources and to improve the preparedness. Auto-scaling and load testing are simple tools for learning services of DevOps.

Now you can study other options, besides the direct application of prepared tests by users and load test in weighted mode by using Blazemeter. For example, Blazemeter lets you create your own JMeter test scripts for cloud applications, to demonstrate how allocated resources are used.

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