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Key Difference between Testing and Quality Assurance

Often considered as one thing, testing and quality assurance are fundamentally different than each other. The misinterpreted term often results in wrong deliverables and outcomes. We, QA Mentor, are the best QA Testing Company and to benefit you with our rich knowledge in the industry of QA and testing services, we have crafted this blog post that will give the required information to understand the fundamental difference between QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing.


It is a set of processes that are carried out on software to test the software among different conditions and environment. The agenda of software testing process starts once the software or a functional module of the software gets developed. The testing engineers run different types of check on the software to test whether the developed software performs all expected operations. The software testing process also checks whether the software is performing any types of operations that it shouldn’t perform. The software testing is performed to check the software for its precision, accuracy, efficiency, and security.

The top testing service provider company usually runs different automated and manual testing to check whether the software works appropriately. The testing engineer not only tests all normal flow of the software usage but also thinks about the flow and things that is abnormal and check how software respond to abnormal situations. The software testing is an important part of the Quality Control (QC) process.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance is a broad concept and it starts from the idealization of the software. The QA Company or team gets involved in the process of software development and delivery from the very first stage and stay actively involved during different phases of software development lifecycle. The quality assurance process is made of a set of activities that are performed to assure that the software is getting developed with the highest quality. Furthermore, the Quality Assurance process ensures that the delivered product is built according to the best software quality standards; meets user requirements and maintained in the best possible way.

Unlike software testing engineers, the QA engineers don’t perform checks to find bugs in the software. Instead of that, the QA team ensures that the software development and maintenance process is adequate. This process follows a lot of high-end methodologies and quality checks at the different stage of software development. The QA team tries to put all possible precautions and quality standards to prevent bug(s) in the development process. It means the QA process starts from the beginning of the software development to prevent bugs, unlike the testing process that starts at the stage of software development and used to find bugs in the developed software.

Often, QA testing used as a combined term to project its importance! However, both are different than each other and understanding of this difference helps in generating ideal software with the assured quality.

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