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Insight into Security Testing Services

Security testing is a process meant to check the system for vulnerabilities as well as evaluate different risks associated with complex approach to application security, hackers attacks, viruses, unauthorized access to private data and so on.

Principles for software application security

Overall security strategy is based on the three main principles:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Accessibility


Confidentiality is protection of certain data resources or personal information. Confidentiality refers to a limited access to user resources or, in other words, what are the conditions under which a user is authorized to have access to certain resources.


Integrity can be defined as combination of 2 criteria:

Trustworthiness. It is expected that the resource will be changed as appropriate only by a certain user group.

Damage and recovery. When electronic data are damaged and erroneously changed by an authorized or unauthorized user, one should determine how to recover the data from a crashed hard drive.

Security testing services are necessary to security test a software product and not to give any chance to a hacker to make use of your confidential information.


Accessibility has to do with requirements on how to make the resources accessible to an authorized user, internal object or device. As a rule, the more critical resource, the more accessible it should be.

Experienced security professionals perform Internet security audit to alert you to the consequences of your application’s exploitation. Contact them as soon as possible – be the first who will identify all weak points in your system’s security mechanisms. Security testing companies are able to expose and remove various vulnerabilities in networks and apps.

Kinds of vulnerabilities

There are the most common software application flaws:

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) is a kind of software security vulnerability typically detected in web apps. It enables the attackers to inject malicious scripts into trusted web sites.

XSRF / CSRF (Request Forgery) is an attack that makes an end user to perform unintentional actions on a web application, namely sending HTML request back to the target destination.

Code injections (SQL, PHP, ASP, etc.) is an attack that allows to inject a server scripting code in order to access sensible data from database.  

Penetration testing service providers will help you to reveal security weakness in your software by discovering every part of. Keep your products secure and get positive feedback on them from your customers!  


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