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Independent Software Testing: Quick Guide

The service of conducting an independent test represents the events of controlling the quality of programs on independent from the producer of the software platform. This service is ideal tool for customers who need an objective opinion about the used or produced software, and also additional resources to conduct the work of controlling the quality of software. The process of developing and launching to the correct operation of a particular software product is very complex and challenging. Very often, it is required to have balanced and established cooperation of certain project teams to achieve maximum results. In this case, one of the very important stages of development and production the software is independent testing. Independent software testing companies provide the opportunity to identify and to correct various defects of program code or problems of another kind. We can talk about different things: specially developed software or e-commerce testing (testing of e-Commerce systems). If the problem had appeared in the information corporate system and was discovered in the early stages of testing, you can save money and time, because the problem at a later stage may be more global in the solution.

There are several important criteria and issues in independent software testing. Here are some of them:

  • The quality control of software creation and production;
  • Whether it will be safe to use such software?
  • The ability to perform the assigned operations and tasks;
  • The level of comfort during the use.

Only the team of professional experts can find a solution to all the questions. The professionals who do not participate in the development process and are not interested in a particular product. The specialization of which is the independent software testing of certain software. There are several companies that provide different services on independent testing that are conducted with proven supplements.

For the clients, such companies offer a wide range of services related to independent software testing:

  • Independent API testing
  • Functional or regression testing
  • Testing of data migration, configuration, security, usability, localization, compatibility
  • Testing of load and performance

There is some difference of full testing from the usual beta version, and it states that the functional testing of the product should be done directly by employees of the company, and not by the software. Such method of independent testing is much more efficient and accurate, as while using it, the industrial methods of independent software testing are applied.

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