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How to Get the Job In QA Testing Companies and Make Successful Career in IT Sector?

When choosing a future profession you must honestly evaluate your abilities, talents and interests. This is one of the most important decisions each of us makes in life.

Profession does not only allow you to earn a living but also be useful to people that need your services. But how to make the right choice?

Being a QA Analyst may sound like a proper career path for many potential job applicants. However, unfortunately, only some of them are hired by employers.

In QA testing companies, quality assurance analysts work hard and they do not complain of their destiny – they consciously made their choice and were aware of the obstacles and challenges associated with the job. Besides, they are passionate about what they do.

To increase your chances of getting the job, you need to remember the following tips:

  • Do not ever work on the side, for example, as a photographer, because he is always unavailable outside office hours and busy at weekends, and even stays through the night taking stunning shots.
  • Do not tell without any shame that you can be available to work on Saturdays for no more than 2 hours immediately before a major deployment while everyone else is sweating blood since early morning, punching in 6-8 on Saturdays and even probably likewise on Sundays.

Staff of software qa company are well trainable and never stop learning that is why they succeed in doing the jobs of different complexity. Naturally, they can effectively perform all types of testing.

  • Do not behave shabbily towards your colleagues by leaving them in the middle of Move-to Production afterhours, when the post has gone to waste.
  • Do not be negligent to come late and leave early, from day to day.
  • Do not be a heavy Facebook, Lync, Skype user while you are at work.
  • Do not entertain yourself from your mobile device though it is funny. It is a pity that your messages are not reaching the right recipient but you should not forget that your team-mates are busy with accomplishing your shared project.
  • And, at last, but definitely, not at least, do not choose to help others while there is a team meeting held by your boss especially when everybody know that you do not have much work to do during the day.

Pitfalls in software industry

Resource & time management plays important role in the success of any organization. However, after some years in the industry, you may realize that most teams simply do not have control over these skills. Offshore software testing is preferred by many businesses since this working method allows to access a variety of recourses.

Do not be surprised when you will have idle hours also it often happens that you are doing nothing at work or have a little work to do you are assigned “ busy work” by your boss. And do not be surprised when you are asked to work excess hours.


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